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I live in ohio.32 year old male.I am a musician,artist,and writer.I write,music,short stories and poetry.I play guitar,and piano.I am also a survivor of a very rare cancer.
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Love has surely hurt us all.What has it done to you?
I sometimes find it hard to write poetry about religion...I can never capture the absolute power,of God's impact...Here are some attempts.
My first 3D movie EVER,was the new"OZ,the great and powerful,"and I must say...It was quite an experience.Although beware if bringing the kids along.
I've known of gambling addiction,and its consequence,but it took an inside guy,and a victim,to show me the darkest side of it.
When you let go of a situation,and ask God to take control...The wonders that happen,are beautiful.
The Mayans were a fascinating civilization.Enough to inspire several poems about them...Here they are.
What is free will?...What is predestination?...There are so many questions circling around these two things.I have a theory,using science,explaining.
Anything to fill the void...Poetry is one.Writing blossoms from mind,to hand,to pen,to ears.
I want you to relate...My life isn't ordinary,but I'm always looking for someone who feels the same.
When I opened my eyes,I saw all the eyes...∆♱¤♂ Every company wants to be a part of the elite it seems.
Homosexuality was something I never wanted to know much about...Until I was forced to learn more than the average...
Guns,ammo,crime,concealed carrying permits...My opinion,on an issue that always makes a BANG!
It has never been so severe.It has never been so talked about.Kids are committing suicide over it...I'll tell you why.
I have never been in a predicament with a female,where we had to make a decision about abortion.I am sure if I was,I would have chosen...
Sleep deprivation can come in many forms.The most horrific is that of sleep paralysis.When dreams and reality collide,it can be a scary thing.
The sales of magazines that claw into the lives of Hollywood celebrities,are at an all time high.They have ridiculous power over,what to wear,how to speak,and...Who to worship?I feel The need to expose the way to protect yourself.
The epidemic of prescription drugs has become big news.Overdoses,liver failure,illegal sales.This explains my journey from a naive patient,to being thrown into the middle of a dark world of prescription drugs.
Life,through the eyes of another jaded soul.I attempt to capture the balance of each moment,or lack there of.Like any writer,the picture in my head,spills out of my fingertips.I do not always make sense to the reader,but it vents the emotion enough for me;)
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