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A tenacious philosopher
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Recent pages by Socrates

Equations of a Being: A being who gathered Moss is a collection of thought pieces pertaining to existential spectrum.
An attempt to reflect the nuances of a thinker, and how he reach to a Virtue.
A collection of my perceptions exhibiting my romantic and spiritual inclinations
My personal views on purpose of freedom, art, and true service of god.
An answer to a very pertinent question, a question that must twist every heart.
Growing disparities in education is making women loose their essence and accept a superficial existence.
Sharing few of my ideas on issues bothering my conscience
My personal views on family and the world, God, organ donation and poetry.
Disturbed by the recent upsurge in the cases of molestation of Women, I am putting forward a thought for all of us to think over.
Sharing a conflict of mine to which few people might relate to.
Sharing few of my ideologies on issues bothering my conscience.
A fiction, just to evoke a bit of Nationalism in a way that I perceive it.
It's all about venting out your Train of thoughts. It's a necessity of today.
A question is raised whether a certain element of captivity is necessity or one one should be a patron of freedom all his Life?
Taking Inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi I have tried to go more close to my Truth and I hope you will too.
A Heart to Heart talk about knowing my Country and getting a bit close to it with a slightly different backdrop.
The Reservation Quotas have become the talk of the town. They have undergone a metamorphism. They are Cookies everyone wants to dine on.
All about the Blues and stress in Life that creeps between loved ones which suffocates the Love to death.
Inspired by a television show 'Satyamev Jayate' I was inclined to express my grief on this menace of Female infanticide.
A helping hand from my side for all the reclusive people out there who find it difficult to express and react to a situation.
Written with an intention to inspire all those who are fighting with Identity crisis.
All about the Life of a Performer who have to love his own Genius more than anything else to sustain on the Stage of Entertainment.
All about the RTI (Right to Information) Act.A power given to citizen of India to question the governance of an organisation.Its significance and awareness needs to spread at every level of our society.
Just sharing my long brewing belief about Religion.Do we really need it or it's just a historical phenomenon?
Catharsis is the discharge of affects connected to traumatic events that had previously been repressed by bringing these events back into consciousness and reexperiencing them.
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