Glenn Addington

Glenn Addington
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I am an American, former Viet Nam veteran, and a Christian, living in East Tennessee. I am now retired and am pursuing a writing career. I would welcome writing assignments.
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Recent pages by Glenn Addington

The historical background for Paul's collection emphasis in the eighth and ninth chapters of the book of II Corinthians.
A review of a surprising definition of a common word
Some thoughts on a 5 syllable, seldom used word to explain it and give a solution to make encounters with it easier
This phrase occurs in the book of Galatians, but Paul doesn't explain it. Here is the answer to the question, "What did Paul mean by that phrase?"
A challenge to give serious, intelligent thought to our limited time here on earth.
Research into the question of Sunday worship, and the claim by some that the Sabbath is the correct worship day.
Thoughts on the Holy Spirit and receiving of the gifts of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands in New Testament times. Also, the gifts of the Holy Spirit given according to His will.
Somewhere, someone got at least two different New Testament characters mixed up, and Mary Magdalene has mistakenly and unfairly been tagged with another woman's reputation.
Hope as a verb addresses that which is only tentative, without any real certainty. When used in the New Testament by the apostle Paul, it speaks of the expected and certain reward of eternal life for the faithful Christian.
A single selfless act resulted in restored relations between two countries.
A thoughtful look at scripture will reveal the Holy Spirit manifested Himself in four different ways in the early church.
Visitors are often awed by the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests of this region in the western part of the state of Wyoming. Here is just a sample of the wildlife one will see when visiting this area - to be equally appreciated as are these other things.
When the Jewish leaders sought to have Jesus crucified, they were certain that He would die a shamed man, and would soon be forgotten.
While the Communion service may be a serious and solemn time, there can certainly be many positive thoughts and gratitude for the privilege, and the welcome by our Host, the Lord Jesus.
When asked by His disciples where they were to keep the Passover Feast, Jesus gave a vague, cryptic answer. Was that necessary? If so, why?
Being new in the neighborhood, not knowing anyone, the calling for their escaped dog was dismaying to one of the neighbors.
Many go to Yellowstone National Park, but they miss the treasure just 10 miles south - Grand Tetons National Park.
While some may only be aware of what John 3:16 says, there is much more behind that simple statement.
After these two terms are defined, it behooves the reader to answer some questions regarding his/her practice regarding their faith.
An explanation for God's command to destroy the nations which occupied the Promised Land.
A look at one of the definitions of religions, and an analysis of evolution's teachings and those who believe in it.
A recommendation for arthritis pain based on my personal experience and the experiences of others.
Genesis 1:1 says, " In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." A study of the text of Genesis reveals that creation occurred by 4 means.
An examination of the text of scripture and the use of the Hebrew word "YOM' in context demands that the days spoken of in Genesis 1 be accepted as 24 hour days.
Some one has suggested that there are two creation accounts in Genesis, causing confusion and creating a contradiction. There is an intelligent solution.
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