Glenn Addington

Glenn Addington
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I am an American, former Viet Nam veteran, and a Christian, living in East Tennessee. I am now retired and am pursuing a writing career. I would welcome writing assignments.
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Being new in the neighborhood, not knowing anyone, the calling for their escaped dog was dismaying to one of the neighbors.
Many go to Yellowstone National Park, but they miss the treasure just 10 miles south - Grand Tetons National Park.
While some may only be aware of what John 3:16 says, there is much more behind that simple statement.
After these two terms are defined, it behooves the reader to answer some questions regarding his/her practice regarding their faith.
An explanation for God's command to destroy the nations which occupied the Promised Land.
A look at one of the definitions of religions, and an analysis of evolution's teachings and those who believe in it.
A recommendation for arthritis pain based on my personal experience and the experiences of others.
Genesis 1:1 says, " In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." A study of the text of Genesis reveals that creation occurred by 4 means.
An examination of the text of scripture and the use of the Hebrew word "YOM' in context demands that the days spoken of in Genesis 1 be accepted as 24 hour days.
Some one has suggested that there are two creation accounts in Genesis, causing confusion and creating a contradiction. There is an intelligent solution.
An answer to the question to the origin of races, based on considerations of scripture and genetics.
Many have been told that the early chapters of Genesis are myth. legend or allegory. It is in fact true history. But many cultures and peoples have ancestral stories of a great flood, even though those ancestors had never been exposed to the Bible!
Some introductory thoughts regarding the background of Genesis, chapter one, and a right perspective on it as true history, and inspired by God
A consideration of various facts regarding the earth and solar system suggest that the 'billions of years' we've been told for the age of the earth and solar system aren't exactly true.
While the Biblical account of the flood may be considered a myth by some, it demands critical examination. The realities of the flood surpass myth and legend, and the evidence of the flood exists worldwide.
What we've been told about carbon-14 dating and the other radiometric dating methods is what they want us to believe..., but it isn't the whole truth!
Thoughts to consider in regard to the belief of whether or not Adam and Eve were truly historical figures.
The account of blind Bartimaeus, and what his determination to be healed by Jesus made him do.
The unthinkable statement of Jeremiah 3:16 is a prediction of the obsolescence of the Old covenant and a prediction of a new one.
Facing a New Year, we may decide to do things in the usual fashion. If you are searching for a strategy or game plan, here is one that might work for you.
Answering the questions regarding the Magi, and notes on their visit, Matthew 2:1-12.
A recommendation to buy ornaments for a Christmas tree from visited places which show the year purchased.
A comparison of scripture with the tenets of Calvinism, along with related discussions.
An evaluation of the unfairness of Jesus' crucifixion, and the incredible result.
Though there were other symbols used in early Christianity, the symbol of the cross is most prevalent. Why might this be so?
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