Glenn Addington

Glenn Addington
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I am an American, former Viet Nam veteran, and a Christian, living in East Tennessee. I am now retired and am pursuing a writing career. I would welcome writing assignments.
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Recent pages by Glenn Addington

My personal experiences in Mexico, after failing to know I needed to exchange US dollars for Mexican pesos.
A review of the material in Acts (in the New Testament), chapters 1 and 2, attempting to discern the location of the events that occurred in Acts, chapter 2.
A description, with accompanying pictures, of a geographical anomaly/oddity in the Southwestern corner of the state of Virginia in the United States.
This is a short synopsis of the Bible's statements encouraging personal purity
Firstly, to correct this mistaken notion regarding the phrase 'wars and rumors of wars.' Then, to explain the Old Testament background behind Jesus' statements in verse 29, and clarify the meaning of that passage.
A visit to the Gulf of Mexico after a hurricane made for some amazing discoveries!
While visiting an organization that renews, restores, refurbishes, and prepares used items for re-sale, I encountered something quite comical!!!
When asked to address an elderly group of men at a civic organization, my brother's comment brought about a great deal of anxiety - until it was explained.
The list of equipment and necessary steps to accomplish the changing of automobile disc brake pads.
An experience with a stoke victim left a powerful impression on me.
A particular idiomatic expression in one part of the US has the OPPOSITE meaning that it does elsewhere!
A ride in a friend's new boat - and him knowing something I didn't - led to a fascinating experience!!
A little history on the expression, "Snake oil salesman", and some thoughts regarding theology/philosophy today.
The opening 'thanks' at a presentation was quite funny for most...
A straight face, a solemn tone, and an off-beat comment or question made the moment a classic
An evaluation of the three Old Testament passages where these words are found tell us what God had in mind.
An evaluation of a statement in the Sermon On the Mount
Having been told of a college 'ritual', I was asked to contribute to the cause...,.
An anaylsis of the first half of Philippians 3 gives us 3 ideas for facing the future.
Remembering God's past faithfulness can truly be a springboard for faith and facing the future.
A discovery on the way back from class, after an ice storm, and temptation...
While visiting my wife's relatives in Minnesota, I was stunned by the license plate I saw on my wife's aunt's car
When confronted by potential enemies and a fight, 'the bluff' worked!!
An incident occurring during a process in manfacture of carbide inserts
Questions and considerations regarding baptism, from both Old and New Testament perspectives.
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