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I am a feature writer for The Tampa Bay Examiner and The American chronicle. Earned Ph.D in Economics
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What Trump and the Republicans and our political process are actually doing to the future of the United States
What the US needs to do in order to secure it's future.
The time in my life when the decision in my life the cost of which was so dear. And I am still paying for that decision f so long ago.
The nations is in trouble and the best way to say the US from ourselves is through National Economic Reform.
What the Trump Administration and the Republicans are trying to get away with is unthinkable.
A life led without purpose is so shallow but will anybody remember the good or just the bad.
There has been an on going slaughter of Americans by way of chemical warfare in the form of chemical based medicine.
The United States has taken a wrong turn and is headed straight toward disaster.
The policies of government for the last 35 years have paved the way for Americas decline
What man has done to the worlds oceans threatens every living thing on the planet
The United States is running out of control ever since Trump came into the Presidency
Are public schools within the United states are continuing to fail our your and the nation. That is why National Economic Reform's Education Reform is so vital for the nations future.
What global warming aka Climate Change, has done and continues to to to all of the planets life forms.
The true grit of Johnny Unitas stands alone as the best there was in the storied history of the NFL.
When the hour glass runs empty it really is too late for the United States
Why it is so important for people to have enough disposable income today.
The affair that I truly remember that ended so tragically.
The real american tragedy is Trump and the Republicans today.
What this nation needs is a President like T. Roosevelt and not this crazy man Trump.
Today our society is ruled by a power structure that makes implementation of solutions to solve the major crisis of our times almost impossible
The need is apparent tho ban semiautomatic weapons and assault type rifles.
Today the Republicans and Donald Trump have only intensified to a new low of intelligence in Washington.
What the Trump Administration is doing to the rest of the world and the United States.
Swimming is a great way to get fit and also great physical therapy.
What the economic impact of implementing universal income would be to the future of the United States
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