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I am a feature writer for The Tampa Bay Examiner and The American chronicle. Earned Ph.D in Economics
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The madmen in Washington have once again proved that they will stop at nothing to achieve their diabolical ends.
The United States is now a fascist state run by the corporate world.
The dreams we have reflect our day to day existence.
A future that would be bright would happen if we had a intelligent designs in our government
The urgency to pass Universal Health Care is greater than ever.
How the Rothchild's gained great influence in our monetary system
The most severe financial crisis is looming right on the horizon.
The Trump Administration is deceiving the American public and our future remains bleak until we realize this.
The times of today are very similar to the crisis that led to the financial catastrophe of 2008
We had better face the fact that our way of life is in trouble until we come to realize that there is a way to solve the many crisis that continue to plague the US.
Still the gun violence continues and will continue until there is a unified ban on all semi and automatic weapons and better procedures to detect mental instability.
This shows through two separate incidents at different times in history that our government is using the very people as scapegoats for their own inefficiencies.
What Trump and the Republicans and our political process are actually doing to the future of the United States
What the US needs to do in order to secure it's future.
The time in my life when the decision in my life the cost of which was so dear. And I am still paying for that decision f so long ago.
The nations is in trouble and the best way to say the US from ourselves is through National Economic Reform.
What the Trump Administration and the Republicans are trying to get away with is unthinkable.
A life led without purpose is so shallow but will anybody remember the good or just the bad.
There has been an on going slaughter of Americans by way of chemical warfare in the form of chemical based medicine.
The United States has taken a wrong turn and is headed straight toward disaster.
The policies of government for the last 35 years have paved the way for Americas decline
What man has done to the worlds oceans threatens every living thing on the planet
The United States is running out of control ever since Trump came into the Presidency
Are public schools within the United states are continuing to fail our your and the nation. That is why National Economic Reform's Education Reform is so vital for the nations future.
What global warming aka Climate Change, has done and continues to to to all of the planets life forms.
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