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The Silver Phoenix
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"Oh dear. I see what you mean. Listen, just wait here a moment.," Thirty minutes passed, and then the doorbell rang again. Forbin rushed to open it. Bertina stood, holding a large green shoebox.
That feeling, when one sits down, with a candlelight glowing, and holding a wooden feather-tipped pen, dipped in ink and sealed in wax is a classic and original means of putting ones thoughts and feelings down.
When we have read the horror book and put it aside, whichever time of day, or night, it is; that is when things really start to get interesting.
An affectionate look-back over the years into the world of the refined animated television shows that left a lasting and memorable impression in entertaining us.
"Where's the baby?" Asked Perina, innocently. "With me." Said Jonathan, entering the room. "Happy Birthday, Angel!" Cried Perina, followed by her parents.
When they had arrived, Perina was first to reach Jonathan's door. She rang the bell in her usual three-signal tone, stepped back and waited. Her Father followed, with the birthday. It was all wrapped up neatly in a white parcel. Jenny opened the door, slowly.
"Please, Mummy. I'm not a child anymore. It's Baby's FIRST Birthday and history will never repeat itself!" "Alright, you win. But what about the model that goes on top?"
"Lemon cream cake with lashings of Walnut chips. Yummy! Too fattening for my liking, though I bet the baby will love it." She circled it with her red byro-pen, several times. At least THAT was decided. The only remaining problem was a model of some kind, to place over it.
The deep and dark, murky waters of loch ness have now been scanned again and again, and still, no sign of Nessie, because he, or she, does not exist. However, the very fact that he, or she, cannot be seen, makes it even more mysterious.
As long as there is negativity, blood and violence on this Earth, inflicted on any species that exists on it, large of small, regardless of its intellect or nature, through vivisection, factory farming and abuse, the Human race can never make progress.
We need only close our eyes and imagine this large giant ape, that walks straight, like a man, and moves around so fast that in seconds, is not visible.
Make it a habit every morning, at the start of the day, to go to the mirror and put a big smile on your face.
"Ian, tell me what you really want to say." "Er...gosh is that the time?" Mrs Rea laughed and led him to the door.
"Well, George, I'm working out, mentally, that if we left home at 5.30pm, then how long it will take us to reach the Inn where we're staying." As George closed his eyes and started to count in his head, Edward used his fingers and counted. Within a few minutes, Edward snapped his...
A famous singer once quoted that there are three stages to fame. They are: ridicule, criticism and acceptance. And everyone whom we know on television and in the public media, all went through these phases.
the use of animals, like horses and cattle will end, as the viewer can clearly see, they are peaceful herbivores and feel highly stressed, disturbed and frightened by fights, like explosives, guns and any loud noise.
Be it Babar the Elephant, Little Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks and the Three Bears, to name a few, all have continued to entertain us throughout the years.
"Are telling me that we might be able to take off?" George smiled and pressed the power-switch. A red light came on, and a loud whirring sound. At the same time, loud bangs sounded at the door above. It was Rhandor and his fellow aliens. They were trying to get inside.
And so, the two spacemen began to move away the rocks, dust and debris, around the space craft. They had no option but to use their hands, which were protected by gloves. Fortunately, their spacecraft had not split during the crash
"The only thing about a barren planet like this is that everything looks the same. Are you sure we aren't going in circles?"
"He's going to revive them with that weapon of his. It's a bit like the one you had, remember? We need to go and look for that as well, as it will most certainly come in handy while we're on this red planet."
"Derek, stand back for goodness sake!" Called out Graham. "It's alright, Graham. I'll explain everything to you in good time. Or Rhandor might."
As Derek came closer to the crater, he could feel a burning sensation, like from a volano. He wondered how he could retrieve the body, but it had to be done, somehow. He looked back at Graham, who was standing from a far distance now.
"To me, you are the alien. You mean to rephrase your question and ask me am I hostile or peaceful." The alien reached out his arm, which was Graham's.
"Well, it's a yes and a know, if that makes any sense. The only difference is that now, it is purely guess work. We'll be walking into the unknown."
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