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i am an associate professor in an engineering college. my field is mechanical but my hobby is photography. Those who are interested in learning photography can mail me: surya.jayaram@gmail.com
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Back ground is very important in photography. A very good photo can be very awkward if the back ground is not properly selected. Similarly, back ground can enhance the appeal of an ordinary photo. There are THREE important methods of getting the right back ground.
In this post , I am explaining the importance of photographs in any type of article.
In this article, i have narrated various aspects to be considered by the students and parents while selecting an engineering college for admission.
This article is based on my own observation. I request the reader to please give opinion and comment.
here, i am narrating my interaction with a real positive thinker and achiever.
Most of us start the day with news paper reading. It is a habit and not an inevitability.If we can switch over to e-paper, then we can save trees, energy and money.
in this age of twitter , people are not having time or interest to read lengthy articles in any subject. So,a time has come to write definition like articles in a clear and simple way.
teaching mathematics in school plays a very important role in the children's understanding of the subject. Many students are finding mathematics difficult because of 1] present teaching method and 2] present syllabus. If we change these , then it becomes easy and student friendly.
I will be giving Tips for saving electrical energy in the sector of –domestic lighting.
Normal thinking in amateur photographer is that one can always good pictures with advanced digital camera.i want to illustrate that What ever may be the advanced camera we have, learning basics is required.
competition is the order of the day. But we can modify it!. Why and how? read on...
i will teach about the effect of color temperature different types of lights.
here i am giving important steps to ornamental photography.
i will illustrate the operation of aperture in a camera
Basics of the digital camera are important. So, i will start giving tips from basic shooting modes
here i will tell simple ways of macro photography with examples
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