mary jane grueso

mary jane grueso
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Jack of all trades, master of none. Therefore trying to conglomerate those snippets of knowledge by writing about them.
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I have promised you some verses, which up until now I haven't done. It's not because you don't inspire me, it's more because I only write poetry when there are things I cannot say, and with you I can say and share everything. You have my heart and with it is my poetry.
Life is today. There are people who continously look either only at the rearview mirror or what's at the other end of the road, they fail to see what's beside them, the people that truly make their lives worth living.
It comes uninvited and sometimes leaves so much distraction. Typhoons are one of those natural disasters dreaded by us who are in the tropics.
More and more women these days are choosing to be single rather than face the troubles of a married life or having a partner. Some probably have been burned before, not once but continously. Others for reasons like careers, having brothers, sisters, parents that rely on them never fin...
Motivation is not simply the drive to achieving a certan goal at a specific time. It is a set of ideals and outside factors that influence the way we look at life and the way we look at ourselves.
Travelling in the Philiipines unlike either places in the world is pretty comfortable and easy. Owning a car is not a necessity because public transportation is available wherever you wish to go.
We breathe, we live, we love. But how we breathe, how we live and how we love is dictated by our faith and beliefs from where we base our lives.
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