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Once I live in small village. Made from concrete. The sides of the road there are many small business. They earn more than the total spend in a month.
I live long enough in town, watching people suffer from their income deficit and HIGHLY expenditure in a month. Most of them are employed.
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Finding an experience on writing another websites or my own blog.
Education is essential to sustain the contemporary survival. How Malaysian choose their path?
For tertiary education in Malaysia, where can the Malaysian student go furthest?
Malaysia is education is not expensive, but how far the knowledge can be used in the system?
I love Radiohead. It was my favourite band. I am writing what I know about them.
I barely stand on my feet for one third of one day. But the lesson learn is precious.
I wonder if I can work and at the same time maintain my energy to do activities such as reading,writing,surfing internet and etc. The objective here to study about stocks or inventories.
One road to be a chartered accountant from Institute Chartered Accountant of England and Wales.
Learn what are the characteristic of money and applied in the real world.
Why there are substantial unemployment in Malaysia for fresh graduate?
This is few things that I have done in High School. I was such a jerk at that time. No wonders I have no girlfriend at that time.
This is second guide to develop or increase your inner energy through exercise. Caution: please read the caution below.
Annual events and classic celebration in the world. What would entrepreneur and businessman will do in this time when opportunity come?
This is just jokes. No serious matter. All smiles and laugh.
One should harmonize their energy throughout many exercises. This is same objective with pouring sweat or removing toxins in the body.Apart from cardiovascular exercise, unlock the potential inner energy in one body is an alternative exercise. Mind over matter.
Yes you can't pick your mom, she is the one who loves you without conditions.
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