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Phil Planet
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I am a musician from Manchester in the UK, lots of my writing focuses on my life out on the roads with various bands, I also write short stories and other stuff.
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Just really about the 'Liberated' women, how they got liberation and how they don't seem to want to stop untill they have it all, it's the same with everything in todays society , whether it be womans or racial equality, the more they get the more they want, people don'tactually don't...
This is the story of my battle with cancer and recovering from the massive operation that rid me of it hopefully for good, however everyone who has had cancer knows it never goes away, it comes back with every harmless lump or pain, I thought I would include it as a 'Cancer is not alw...
Concerning the hypocracy of the west as regards to what is going on in the middle east at the moment, it's one thing sucking up to these tyrant for 50 years or whatever, however what really gets me going is how they are now all jumping on the bandwagon, not only politicians but newspa...
How writing on sites like Wikinut can not only get the creative juices flowing it can also improve your spelling, grammar and punctuation. whenifirststartedwritingoninternetsitesmyarticlesusedtolookedsomethinglikethis!!
A Yummy recipe great for students and those on a tight budget
About the future of music, where is it going? has it all been done before? is it all over for rock/pop music?
This is all about the way governments both past and present have and still are selling all our country and industries from under our feet
An account of a coffee bar motorcycle race trial where you would race with a record on the jukebox
This is another true tale from my past, I cannot believe this actually happened myself until I look at all the faxes, photo's and letters I saved regarding this trip, this whole thing actually spooked my companion Michelle.
This is another true road story about when I worked as a roadie for a magician!
This story is actually true but is also based on a dream I had, it is therefore a mixture of what really happened and the actual dream, (See Footnotes)
Do UK bands overcharge for their services? maybe you think that a band just drops out of a cloud and starts playing? read this then think again!!!, this may be an interesting read for US citizens especially musicians, it will make you realise how hard it is to be a musician in the UK!...
A few days in the life of a 70's rock band, as bizzare as it may seem every word of this story is true!
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