Esther Thornburg

Esther Thornburg
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Retired farmwife, author, of Timeles Words of Poetry. Country living requires many hats, nature, inspirational poetry, family,& rural activities.
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A poem in a pocket nurtures a memory. It is something to treasure, bring pleasures they really cannot measure.
Nature displays many stories, year after year. Behind the scene is the what, where, and why.
Man's measurement of the way things are and seeking guidance and power from the powers beyond.
Observe and weighing the day's journey. Implanted love may bring consideration of the calling appointed to living things.
Ancient words have survived the ages preserved on the pages, to remain locked in time and lived when read. It's a true treasure to behold.
Know His call, His plan, and trust in 'My Lord, My God." Offer a prayer unto Him for power to win, to live pleasing unto Him.
Is it time to understand a better way and welcome the plea of a prayer to words that inspire and the Spirit that moves.
Look for fresh thoughts along life's natural ways to freshen up and bring contentment to stay. Review the quotes of other days.
Short lines of value can live on, centuries long. Let them display words of wisdom, and new thoughts to generate the mind. Express them lovingly and kindly.
White flour and white sugar have no life germ for support left in them. Replace with the wisdom of natural foods, such as sprouts, nuts, seeds, fruit, herbs and vegetables.
Each different flake fills a different place. It displays the message of wisdom I nature and all things having a purpose.
Joy increases in the power of light that brings a close to the dormant days of winter. Seek wisdoms ways and assistance for each step in the day..
Words can live on through times not read, when left to become dormant. When discovered after time, they may be very much alive and bring about activity..
Enjoy a moment to survey the procedure, search the blessings, review wisdom and gather confidence in the procedure.
Understanding and helping another can refresh a difficult day. Life's journey leaves tracks in the sands of time.
Sharing the greetings, activities, and how-to ways in worthy thoughts can help to guide our ways.
The ocean reflects the skies colors from gray on a dull day, to clear distance reflected in blue. Thoughts are reflected in life.
Plan well ahead of time. Peaceful places are hard to find. The things of an area and the peoples ways do not change quickly.
The pencil and life have usefulness inside, to be sharpened in difficulty. Hardships sharpens its point, writing leaves tracks and may share the master plan.
It takes many things and ways to build this life. Accepting help and guidance along the way may help to live secure and make love glow.
Learning ways find a time in the rhythm of life. Time for all things and seasons are locked in place and recording histories page.
Thanks to those who thought beyond their days, leaving living things for future ways. May they share wisdom of other days.
A posted note may send thought beams to shine and ignite an upward climb. Its value fuels it journey. Its worth determine its lasting years.
Plan the possibilities of the day for the duties and labors of the hands. Watch for opportunities along the horizon.
Research the beginning of the adopted Sons of God as promised the believer.
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