Pattie E. Byrd

Pattie E. Byrd
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Pattie is a freelance writer specializing in humor commentary. She retired from working in the exciting world of legal administration. Pattie has been published in several magazines and on several websites. Although humor is her first love, she often writes on other topics, such as reviews, news topics, etc.
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When my husband suggested we retire to Lubbock, Texas, I was surprised. When I found out why, it all made sense. He's a man after all.
Visitors to Gus' Fried Chicken Restaurant in Collierville, TN are greeted every morning by a rooster who makes a special trip and gives them a rousing cock-a-doodle-do. That's why this chicken is crossing the road.
Observations on why bread tastes better when cut on the diagonal as opposed to straight across, shoe sizes and monograms. Life is just full of interesting observations.
All Blackjack players have to learn somewhere, but there are some things that come with experience that aren’t written in the strategy books. A few etiquette tips will make the game more enjoyable for you and your fellow players.
We all have those days when we open our mouths and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. It seems to me I have more of those than most. Here's a few examples of those "foot-in-the-mouth" times.
Sometimes it's hard to find a good repairman. Even an obscene phone caller should know that. Or maybe it's just a good way to discourage him.
There are many questions that give man pause for thought, such as why are we all here and what is infinity, but here in the Byrd Nest, we often are more concerned with other strange issues such as why are there no "Welcome" signs in cemeteries and why does Tide contain a warning label...
Planning for retirement can be stressful, especially if you're lazy. Here are a few tips that might help those of us who do not wish to work hard enough to accrue a nest age for the future. A little planning can go a long way toward that financial freedom of the future.
Developing one's interview skills can be useful, so to upgrade mine, I decided to interview the one person in my life I thought I knew best. As I asked probing questions into our relationship, I felt his heart was not really in the exercise. Fortunately, he lived through it.
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