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Michael chima
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am cool and easy going.
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The act of creativity is the ability to use your imagination to produce new idea
Why don’t we stop this prejudice? Be our brother’s keeper and share that one love
I can’t forget your true love and kindness, you are my God and you are my all.
Foundation is a vital aspect of life; it is the foundation that determines what comes next
The 9th revealed visions of God and Christ to one of His intimate apostle, John in the island of Patimos.
This poem is all about find that one person you really care for.
The things you go through in life, makes you realize what life is all about.
Give up? But you know only the fool give up, You can only love life when you share it with those that appreciate living
There is so much to life then we think, is not just the way we feel, is about the way we live.
Sabotage; According the Oxford dictionary, defines Sabotage as; “Willful damage to machinery or materials or disruption of work”
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