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I love writing about health, culture, and science
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Indonesia has a lot of traditional houses because Indonesia has a lot of tribe. One of Traditional house is Rumah Gadang from Minangkabau.
Indonesia is a country with a lot of tribe. The result is Indonesia has a lot of traditional house, language, clothes and much more. Now I will talk about Honai a traditional house from Papua
I’m sure everyone ever using economic train for transportation. But you have to think twice if you want using economic train in Jakarta. I hope this information can be use for the tourist who want try to use economic train to travel inside city, so they will know what they will see ...
Istana Merdeka is the symbol of Indonesian Country. Just like white house if in United State of America
The biggest Hindu cultural heritage in Indonesia. The second biggest temple in indonesia that almost have 1000 temple
The history of Borobudur, biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia.
Do you ever think that kissing brings health benefits? We never thought that activity which is considered disgusting for some people is useful. On Page, Wednesday (18 / 1), write kissing can make your facial muscles become stronger.
Children grow up with hair conditon stick together like we put glue on it.
Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia because Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. When you arrive in Jakarta When you go abroad, one question that may arise in your mind is about the public transportation that you can use from one place to another place during your trip in Ja...
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