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jesus negron
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Hi, Im a musician and freelancer writer, also im accountant and i love movies,pets,help people and music.
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im happy to write for 2 years and hopes to wrote more years to come.
this article shows how the big companies that you know its products in the past they were founded and sell other things.
this article is about how you can have and do the best for you life and how you questioned the experiences the human got in their lives.
i wish from my heart a happy new year for all people who are member of wikinut and the incredible staff who we all love.
this article shows how i felt in Xmas Day and hopes for good in the next year.
this articles its about how i pass the xmas at my hometown, and i got sweet memories from those wonderful years.
its an article about the meaning of the enigmatic urizen in the songs of the famed british vocalist bruce dickinson
this article is about a girl who is very pretty and smart and she choose donate her time and effort to help poor people and humanitarian causes.
this article shows the sports rivalry that people know and how its affect their fans and entires countries.
this article reflects how the american society is more material than spiritual and how the thanksgiving day is less important for the people.
This article is about the Paquiao-Rios bout in Macau,China, and its this the last time we see the Pacman
Rocky the Kid, the media TV host of the talk show Lo se Todo, was arrested for spouse violence.
The article shows how a supergroup like Journey also helps people and hopes other people helps too the cause.
Article shows how slow the humanitarian help goes to Tacloban and chaos is leading in the streets.
This article shows an example why music bands got famous and other are left forsaken.
this is an article about a Puerto Rican sports bar so famous, people from United States talks about how much fun have in the Bullpen Sport bar, localized in San German, Puerto Rico.
Article about the ivory poaching and how the United States help the fight against the killing of poor elephants.
this article is about how America its concerned about the Phillippines devastation about Haijan Typhoon and how we help them.
this article explain the impact of the Typhoon Haijan, the most powerful one who destroy Philliphines and cost more than 10,000 lives
this article show that families have to love their brothers and also their friends who have to become their new blood brothers
here's my article about how i can be betrayed by so called's my experience.
this article i wrote about why i got the talent but the company dont see it!
this article is about people who dont have fame but are shadows of famed people like managers, families and other friends.
An article for the people who hates money like me because all the problems people have when they pursuit the finding of money.Not always people are happy when they got so much money in their hands.
here's the summary of a humble romanian princess who is relative of the legendary vlad tepes, or vlad the impaler the ruler from romania.
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