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Lady Syxess
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I'm a feature writer covering a large variety of subjects. I like open debates, pushing boundaries (without insults), modern poetry, reviewing various products and making people smile with my wit.
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With Bruce Jenner officially confirming he is now a woman, the whole world and its mother has an opinion. Here I voice my opinion on the reaction stirred up on social media and how Bruce's situation is very different from Mr Joe Bloggs.
It seems the whole world and its mother has got something to say about the major transformation of Hollywood actress, Renée Zellweger's features, so I may as well get my 10 cents in too.
A personal story of modern prejudicial behaviour by children when they reflect attitudes taught to them by their parents.
Last week a meeting was arranged for both parents and officials at my daughter's school to discuss the changes and progress made within the school. Only two parents showed and I was one of them. This week the head of OFSTED, Sir Michael Wilshaw suggested that parents who fail to supp...
Lady Syxess gives her opinion on the latest scandal in Katie Price's private life and questions the UK media's obsession with force-feeding celebrity trash to it's public. Does Kieran deserve a prop up the celebrity ladder for cheating on his pregnant wife?
After suffering a brain haemorrhage three years ago, I was left with unbearable headaches, dizziness and a life I have no control over. Read further to find out how one session of Reiki healing, eased my pain and gave me hope, that in the future I can live with the effects of this tr...
Miley Cyrus is forever stirring up controversy in the media with her outlandish behaviour. Although her craziness is labelled offensive, influential to her younger fans and a car crash attempt to steer away from her angelic image as child star, Hannah Montana, the media just can't ge...
Former Spice Girl turned fashion designer, Victoria Beckham and super producer, singer/rapper, designer, Pharrell Williams are known and respected as style icons. However, earlier this month, both of them committed ultimate fashion disasters, ruining their cred.
I've always admired the outspoken Sharon Osbourne for being gutsy, ballsy and stating 'how it is' within the crazy celebrity culture. However, her latest comments about Justin Bieber acting 'black' have really struck a nerve. This article looks deeper into Mrs Osbourne's comments an...
It's the Easter holiday season, a time when us mere mortals should show goodwill to our neighbours and remember that Gods' son, Jesus Christ died in order for us to live right? Or, as I see in the society I live in, a time for the kids to gauge on as many chocolate eggs they can stom...
UK Broadcaster and mathematician, Carol Vorderman, 52, paid the ultimate price for her love of heels when she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her nose. Killer heels are a must for a large amount of the female population. Are killer heels really worth the risk?
This light-hearted article reflects my personal experience of life before and after the TV remote control was invented.
This is a poem I wrote on behalf of a dear friend especially for St Valentine's day. She doesn't have the courage to reveal herself to the recipient, but wanted him to know that he is something special.
This song lyric was written when I was at a dark point in my life and a little ray of sunshine in human form was sent to me. The form and pattern of the verses was inspired by the beautiful rock ballad "In My Life Today" by Lenny Kravitz "Circus" 1995.
This verse was written after observing the breakdown in the mother - daughter relationship of a friend who suffers clinical depression and finds it hard to express her emotions.
Watching a child actor playing an evil part in a movie is quite unnerving. Especially when there's blood, horrific violence and the child actually scares the viewer. In no particular order (because they're all equally evil little buggers) are the Top 5 movies with evil kids that I'v...
Children at my daughters Primary school are constantly bringing forbidden items such as money, mobile phones and make-up. Last week my eyes nearly popped out of my head when my daughter told me what her classmate brought in to share with the class.
Allegations of sexual abuse by the late TV and Radio Broadcaster, Jimmy Savile has caused shockwaves in the UK. At the time of publication, police are investigating over 300 claims against the former charity fundraiser. Here I explain why people's attitudes are still ignorant agains...
It seems that I'm one of a rare few people on this planet who hasn't read E.L. James' erotic novel "Fifty Shades Of Grey". I'm not one to follow the hype. Is my literary collection worthless without a copy. This article explores the madness, without reading the book.
This review is for ladies that want glitzy nails without the price of a nail technician.
Pop sensation, Rita Ora's fear of toilets was made public in the media as a strange phobia. Here I explain my five 'strange' phobias and how they affect my life.
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