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joan marie
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I have been writing since 2004. I enjoy several different genres and write about the disenfranchised, homeless, mentally ill. I also love to write about my two roommates. They are Dillard & Dabney McFurperson. I enjoy writing humorous poetry and shorts stories about them. Often, in my cats voice. I also write and photograph Florida wildlife, especially water fowl and wading birds such as an egret and heron I made friends with over some hot dog pieces by the lake. I am of very spiritual in my writing. I write what I know and feel.
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This poem inspired a book of short stories called Shadow People. So many out of work or homeless. Many are mentally ill. It's getting harder to live for most.
Many years before everyone screamed 'sexual harrassment' I had this experience at work. Now-a-days, I would own the franchise.
Dabney loves the outdoors and sleeping in his favorite spot under the philodendrum.
It finally happened, the gang arrived to steal from my lake friends, They swoop and scream,and Dabney hates them.
Our lovely lunch was invaded by some pretty scary looking birds. Dabney and I retreated to the safety of the house.
Someone has tampered with the balance of lake wildlife and things are different. Mother Nature and man are often cruel.
Come and enjoy the wildlife of the lake. My little piece of peace and how I love to start my mornings with the animals of the lake.
Travel with me through the bad day into the good. I let the light in and life was good again.
More with Dillard & Dabney McFurperson, enoy! These guys are so great they provide a lot of material.
The wonder of communitcating with wildlife. Winning their trust was a wonderful feeling.
Dabney makes a new friend in Lil' Bit, the baby squirrel.
A relaxing day lay ahead of me. I love my lake friends and enjoy feeding all who come.
Life is up and downs. He is watching and never gives me more than I can handle.
Sometimes it seems only rain falls in our lives. We just need to believe.
A knock on the door. Late at night. Does she let him in?
These ducks mate for life. What happens when one of the pair is lost to a predator or disease?
After gaining the trust of the wild birds, they began to look for me to feed them. Going as far as to peek in the front screen door.
Three poems and pictures that show that brotherly love always triumphs.
The Writer returns to the memories and the story has begun purging the bad thoughts.
Dabney lies on the couch if a position that looks like praying to me. I tried to relate what I think he is praying about.
Does the computer have control? The urge to write away this memory is greater than ever.
Dabney and Dillard McFurperson are rescued and find a new home for life. This is the beginning of our lives together.
I spent a lot of time feeding and communing with the animals and wading birds that frequented my back yard lake.
Floating away all my cares in the pool. It's so relaxing and meditative.
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