Nancy Austin

Nancy Austin
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I'm a freelance writer interested in poetry and social issues, gardening and the outdoors. .
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Recent pages by Nancy Austin

Mystery Kitty gives beauty advice to women who need it. Enjoy satire for a cat friendly generation.
Enjoy my summary and short review of, The Wind In The Willows, a classic story written for children and the young at heart.
Enjoy flower making for everybody with this fun and easy idea.
Birds fly in hungry. What are you going to do? Here's a quick how-to.
Oh no! Don't throw those card board boxes away. Make a style statement today!
Here's a list of the amphibians and reptiles who live on nine acres with us.
Seven cats in Seven Points give their impressions on fashion and music.
Settle in for a psychological assessment of the human world through cat's eyes as told by seven cats and their cousin who has questionable motives.
Introducing! Sow Thistle! From East Texas! I'm ready to tell the tale of the sow thistle and the conundrum it brought into our life's and minds. What a riddle it was indeed.
I'm headed west- south west that is. Get in the car and let's go on a voyage you'll never regret with plenty of cactus and culture.
Three types of roses are on display with basic notes on each one. Plus, I'll give you a few ideas for decorating, cooking and otherwise enjoying your rose garden.
I'm back with more summer fun for teenagers. Whether we're talking about family time or kid time here are some options for keeping them active and off the couch. Youth don't have to be competitive in order to achieve healthy goals. This guide makes exercise fun and easy so everyone is...
Four Romantic Poems : Short Poetic Bliss On A Week Night To Be Read Anytime. I begin with a historical glimpse of the rose as a lover's offering.
This jam packed how-to-guide predicts the future of your history tour although you never know exactly what you might come across along your journey into a time before your own. Learn the path of local legends and necessary haunts.
The hip cat lady returns to share more true-to-life experiences from the feline world where ambition can always be easily located at the top of a tall cabinet.
Summer for teens is still filled with events, learning opportunities and lots of fun. Welcome to my summer guide for teens and parents.
Follow your creative instincts through gardens and along the countryside with your camera at hand. Destination Inspiration, this could be anywhere the flowers grow.
Let's explore some of the interesting and often bizarre behaviors typical of the domestic cat. Fantastic felines have minds of their own and this is how we learn a lot about them. Come along with me as I introduce you to my den full of cats.
Do you have an interest in photographing the natural world? Could you use a little inspiration? Follow me as I photograph the lakes and ponds of East Texas. I'll describe the creative process and you'll think of new ways to inspire your photography in and around the water,
Squirrels..Squirrels.. they make you laugh with their silly antics. What happens when you forget to feed them? What happens when they meet the cat for the first time? Do they ever loose their balance leaping from tree to tree? Meet up with one and you'll say you've never had so much f...
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