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A person who like to explore the stretches of love and relationships. he believes in miracles and the magic of love
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This article provides an insight about Student Consolidation Loan, the interest rates for various consolidation loans and the reasons why one should opt for student loans. It also highlights the general facts and myths about student loans.
The onset of the algorithm change ‘Google Panda Update” bought fears in the minds of online writers and publishers. However this update was a necessity for Google and good for writers and users too in the long run. The cream should be at the top and thats what google is trying to ...
Scientists in UK came up with the formula for the perfect brew and a great cup of tea. Well, taste is relative, however the team of researchers claim that their "cup of tea" is the best and they share how they came up with the perfect brewing.
Oxford University had introduced a one year master degree program in English Literature. International students are eligible for admission. Application for the year 2012 is open.
Some interesting facts that we should always remember about life. Sufferings and Happiness are close associates. You are bound to encounter sufferings in life, but God has given you the choice to accept/reject it. Enjoy life to the less, because life is a cigarette, its fade is to end...
This article provides the starting insight for, 'How to intoduce yourself in front of the interview panel?" It is specially meant for candidates seeking jobs in developing countries with a non English speaking background. But, he fact is interesting, so anyone can have a reading.
I have been getting some decent pageviews of my articles on wikinut, but I could hardly see anything. My earnings is stuck in 0.000, with a pageview of 195. Can anyone make me understand this?
A list of some exceptional self motivating quotes by Stephen Covey. Stephen Richards Covey is the author of the best selling book, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."
Chocolates can make you go fanatic. There are people who are totally crazy about chocolate. The essence of chocolate is aphrodisiac, and it brings a lot of sensuousness apart from its wide variety of recipes.
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