Wong Ah Gee

Wong Ah Gee
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I am a short story writer from Singapore. I write both fictions and non-fictions.
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I am a full time social worker in Singapore. I work with the needy families. I am writing to share my work experience of working with the poor.
Wong is a grassroots historian from Singapore. He talks and write history. His writing is based on interviews with the people and lots of photos of humans and places.
A group of dance hostess set up a primary school in 70 years ago. Being uneducated, they would like to contribute to the local community by operating a school for the children of low income and unemployed families.
Do you have difficulty opening rusty bottle caps after trying over and over again? Do not panic. I have a suggestion for those who face difficulty in it.
There is an effective way to clean your window shiny using old newspaper.
The noises of grandpa was heard at his old house by relatives. He was dead 40 years ago. His employees were curious. He used to live in an old shophouse that was built before world war 1.
My ex-maid from Indonesia made a surprise visit to my house. She left us after her work contract ended in Singapore. We were touched to receive a birthday card for my daughter from the maid. She wrote touching message in the card.
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