Tammy Cox

Tammy Cox
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Parent educator and instructor trainer, relationship coach, public speaker, writer, Mother, Grandmother, former caregiver of elderly parent and now several dogs and a cat.
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Each year as November approaches many of us who lived through it remember the horrible day JFK was assassinated. This year with the release of so much more information it seems even more poignant.
The children of today are in revolution — especially in the United States! Adults who care about the future of our society need to become more aware of what is going on and look at the causes and what we can do about it. Most of the ills of any society stem from it's willingness t...
One of the problems that parents seem to be bothered by the most is their kids fighting. This article gives some of the main reasons children fight and tips for preventing and handling the fighting.
Four letter words are often thought of as bad. This article looks at some that are good and very helpful to use in relationships.
Creating and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship is one of the most difficult jobs we will ever have. Here are thirteen tips to give you more joy and closeness with your partner.
After the tragedies of 9/11 American families faced new and difficult ranges of feelings. The level of anger, intense sadness, fear and yes perhaps even joy when we saw how as a country we came together to care and support one another were hard to comprehend, let alone explain to our...
Many parents who have trouble with their children rely on the old carrot and stick approach which is far less effective than more loving methods which focus on cooperation and the parent/child relationship.
Parents begin each school year with high anticipation for their child's success. They meet the teachers, visit the classrooms and then they cross their fingers and hope for the best, not knowing for sure what else they can do to have an impact.
There are few things more frightening for parents than violence, but they are not completely helpless. Here are some tips for long term prevention of violence.
A good relationship is essential if parents want to influence the choices their children make, especially when they are teens facing peer pressure about issues like drugs, sex and drinking.
When we think about boundaries we often see them as a protective wall. Healthy boundaries are not necessarily just for protection though, Their chief function is to take responsibility for what happens in our lives.
Parenting is a challenge and many parents are hurting because they are using parenting methods that involve punishment which is not effective at teaching what they want to teach..
Parents often make mistakes when trying to help their children succeed in school. These tips will help avoid the pitfalls of doing things that tend to backfire.
Many people have problems asking for what they want and they also have trouble saying "No!" This can cause serious problems in all areas of life.
Bringing an elderly parent to live with you can have lots of challenges. Your success may depend on your willingness to change your own attitude with love and a free heart.
Bullying is an important topic. No parent wants their child to be bullied or to be a bully and unfortunately many of the things parents do can contribute to this behavior or prevent it. Here are some psychologically sound tools parents can use to give their child long term protection...
Creating and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship is one of the most difficult jobs we will ever have. It is also one for which we receive little if any training.
With the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding marriage equality, the question often comes up: “What about the children?” There are several reasons why children who are raised by gay parents just may turn out very well.
Anger is an emotion that many feel unable to control. Having a better understanding can give people tools for handling that difficult emotion more effectively without harming relationships.
As a parent educator for over 25 years I have found that parents have many fears that are often unfounded and can cause them unnecessary challenges. In this article I attempt to help parents deal with those fears in a healthy, constructive and effective manner.
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