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I am a freelance writer and write on a variety of subjects.

- Sudheer Birodkar
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Recent pages by Sudheer

According to the ancient Greeks, dyes like Indigo were first made in Ancient India
Was Tamaind First Used in Ancient India And is The Name Derived From The Arabic Term Tamr – Hindi (Dates From India)?
Did ancient Indians discover Macir (Makara) as a perfume?
Costus an aromatic root was used as a perfume for the first time in ancient India.
The English word Spikenard (an aromatic ointment) is derived from the Greek term Nardostakhus and the Latin term Spica Nardi; both the terms are derived from the Sanskrit term Nardostachys (Naradasya) Jatamansi, which perhaps means 'the braid of hair (Jataa) of (Narada). Narada was a ...
Musk and Camphor were used for the first time in Ancient India as perfumes and for the making of incense sticks used in prayer.
Many present day perfumes had existed India since ancient times and perhaps had originated in ancient India
We have been told through Indian as well as foreign literary sources that in ancient times, commodities like sugar, cotton cloth, cast iron, tin sheets, copper vessels, dyes and pigments like cinnabar (ochre), indigo and lac, perfumes like sandalwood oil, musk tamarind, costus, macir,...
Mandukasana or the ‘Frog Posture’ Improves Your Metabolism. Resists Accumulation of Fat at the Thighs and Pelvis. Prods the Pancreas to produce Insulin and resists Diabetes
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