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Marijo Phelps
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Marijo Phelps is wanting to spread the good news about Jesus' redemptive plan for our lives through written media. she loves writing fiction, devotionals, kids stories, poetry, medical pieces & humor
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All those years his mother prayed....God does answer prayer
Is your spouse a neat freak? I went from a "white glove" mother to a obsessive hubby - both thought I wouldn't clean the house....
The angelic trainee under Gabriel gets a fantastic assignment - finding out what happened to Jesus and being there with the shepherds....
An angel's point of view on the first Christmas after he couldn't figure out where The Lord Jesus had gone !
A LONG trip, sore legs and oh, the terrible dust.....what is happening?
Do you ever wonder how the Creator of the Universe can love you when He sees your lumps, bumps and flaws even better than you do? Read on....
Do you feel you are either on "freeze frame" or "fast forward"? Read on....
My first rescued cat was a 4 for one story - read on....
Our blue eyed baby of the feline variety was dying, Mick was away trying to get home to be with me and Katy...
Some poetry written before I came to the Lord, back when I was a professing atheist and alcoholic - pretty desperate times.
Title referring to Victoria BC in Canada and a play on words “victory” – written during the Viet Nam war before I met Jesus and when I was ready to leave the USA and go to Canada with friends…..
The last day I spent with my mom couldn't have been better if we'd had a written script.
I just found out toady that my biopsy from surgery for breast cancer last week was CANCER FREE! Jesus is SO GOOD!
We need to be thankful year around but during the time when we, as a nation, celebrate Thanksgiving the spotlight is turned on. Lord,God, we have SO much to be thankful for!
We were going hiking and managed to pick the weekend the tarantulas migrated....the subtitle would be how to ruin a perfectly good weekend AND I am married to a Texan who actually thinks tarantulas make great neighbors.
Writer and daughter is an RN with geriatric experience - this piece is fiction but based on fact - the sad and humorous times in the life of dementia.
We were siding the house we built in the mountain meadow, mom was with us and we had revelations daily about how bad her dementia was getting. We didn't know this would be her last Christmas with us and it was a precious time.
My mom and I had a wonderful, laughter filled lunch then went to praise at the World Prayer Center. A few short hours later she walked into heaven and the arms of her savior.
Now we were really beginning to get a grasp of Mom's lack of grasp on reality with her dementia. It was sad yet often we could find things to laugh about together and that was very much needed at this time in our lives.
I hear breaking glass, can't open my eyes, terrible pain, accident?
Looking out with praise to Jesus over the ocean and reflecting on being set free in Him.
Being forgiven and set free is what the Lord Jesus Christ promises, oh, how He delivers!
Has someone you love blown you away with misunderstanding and harsh comments? Read on....
So many assurances happened the day Dad went to be with the Lord and he was finally pain free and in the presence of Jesus!
I have had experience in geriatric nursing - when both of my parents got dementia it wasn't a big leap to write this story from their point of view. Humorous but sad with many of us Baby Boomers dealing with dementia issues in our parents.
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