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Interested in many topics, master of none. Learning more everyday though...
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The beautiful game has given us decades of delight, wonder and amazement - sadly, it has also offered up a catalogue of follicle farces. Here are my all time worst.
Here's a quick guide to using your HTC Desire phone with your existing iTunes music collection.
An extraordinary news story broke today about 2 women who tried to check-in a dead man onto a flight from Liverpool to Berlin. We've got exclusive details of their seat booking.
Check out these 5 videos of amazing bits of software and hardware... I wish I could play with all of them right now, but the footage will have to do.
Fabio Capello sacked John Terry as England captain following his extra-martital affairs. However, as our England criminal eleven shows, Terry was actually a pretty good choice to lead this bunch of morally bankrupt millionaires.
A short poem on the sad subject of failure, which is something close to my heart this week. Read, enjoy, weep, whatever - but at the very least understand and feel my pain.
Apple today announced their new tablet machine, the iPad. Here are 10 reasons to think twice before you put your hand in your pocket and buy one.
Lady Gaga has apologised to fans after being forced to cancel a concert in Indiana due to ill health - we can now give you an exclusive into the cause and her recovery.
The end of the line has come - here are 3 reasons why Liverpool FC should replace Rafa Benitez before things get any worse for the Merseyside club.
Google have announced they are opening up Google Docs to support any file type, with a filesize limit of up to 250 Mb. Great news for backing up and sharing documents.
What do you get if you combine loads of snow in the UK, a bunch of people mad for Twitter and a clever guy - the Ben Marsh #uksnow map of course.
I noticed a news story yesterday about Omar bin Laden, the son of the infamous Osama. Ignoring the story, I couldn't help but notice how similar he looked to Eric Cantona, the ex-Man Utd footballer.
It was surprisingly easy to not only think of 6 sports that can be attempted naked, but also to find supporting evidence of crazy nude people giving them a go.
There seems to be some uncertainty about whether using mouthwash could cause a false positive breathalyser result... so I did a little experiment.
Whatever your opinion of the media, they can be guaranteed to come up with a good headline when given half a chance. Here are my top 5 favourites...
A recent study by the University of Toronto has determined the perfect proportions for a female face. So I've extended their study into the realm of the cartoon lady.
My laptop charger stopped working 20 months after I'd bought it from Currys. I've oulined here the experience I received when went back the shop for a replacement.
Reading the BBC reports of the 2009 Copenhagan climate summit, I'm struck by how many are simply describing the chaos rather than the news.
Don't believe the hype, or the pundits when they say the Premier League winner can only lose x number of games... the current league table shows how draws are just as critical.
Quick recipe for delicious mini pizzas using ingredients you're likely to find in your store cupboards, fridge and freezer.
Poker is without doubt one of the cleverest games ever devised. A near perfect combination of skill, luck and psychology, it is quick for the first time player to learn and yet can take a lifetime to master.
Casinos work to one basic premise - the odds are mathematically in the favour of the house. Read our guide to see which games give you the best chance of winning.
OK, so you have a flutter from time to time, and feel like you want to find out more. The wise move is to learn how to calculate the margin of a given betting market.
Betting exchanges are one of the newest forms of betting. In fact they don't really offer a new type of betting, but rather an opportunity to bet directly with other people.
Many people in the UK who have been racing will have seen Tote betting outlet, but perhaps not quite understood how the system works. Let me tell you more.
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