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I'm a work-at-home mom of a 3-year old girl. A sweet mom and a good wife.

My style is upbeat, focused and reader-friendly. One of my strongest assets as a freelancer is the ability to write "tight"; to extract the most important and unusual pieces of information from creative or commercial source material to produce accurate, compelling copy.

I handle a diversity of topics and fields of interest with quick turn-over.

I've written articles on various topics like weight loss, home improvement, search engine optimization, internet marketing methods, work from home, digital photography, forex, copywriting, Information Technology, etc.

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It gives nostalgic memory whenever you see a yearbook of yours. Creating a yearbook was a difficult yet the most enjoyable task in the olden days; however, these days, with technological advancements, yearbook creation has made easy.
I once heard from a scholar that "Children are like clay and it is the responsibility of the parents to mould them properly." It is definitely true. Studies have shown that playing games help in developing thinking abilities in a child. To understand the concept of playing games and d...
Are you planning to hire a babysitter? Take a look at this beginners guide to hiring babysitter hiring a babysitter to know about finding a babysitter, how to hire a babysitter, and much more related to hiring a babysitter.
We live in this Universe, but are we really aware of what is the hottest planet in the Universe, what is solar max, etc.? Get answers for these questions about Universe along with many other fabulous, fantastic and amzing facts about milky way and halley's comet.
Are you looking out for a job as the recession is slowly seeing its end? Regardless of whether you are newbie or an experienced person, you can take advantage of Twitter to find a job. This is a small guide on how to use twitter to find a job. The process of using twitter to find a jo...
Coconut water is a miracle water is what I would say; do you wish to know why? It has various health benefits. What are they? It helps reduce blood pressure, detoxification of the body, blood transfusion, hydrating the body, improves immune system and Metabolism. These are just a few ...
Usage of internet and systems have increased considerably in the recent past and so do threats. Many systems are being hacked every second. How not to fall victim to these threats by hackers? Is securing systems from hackers possible? your system from hackers by taking re...
Breakfast or breakfeast, what it is? In this fast paced world, many of us skip breakfast siting various reasons like no time, tension, stress, etc. Do you know how important breakfast is? Take a look at the benefits of breakfast, how to have a healthy breakfast, importance of breakfa...
Aren't butterflies cute and pretty? I love watching butterflies in my garden. The result of my research on butterflies or the flutterby is the collection of these weird anf fun facts about butterflies.
I'm fascinated about cats and dogs; how about you? How about knowing some amazing facts about cats like transfer of spirits, eye color of cats, Egyptian belief, vocal sounds of cats, etc.
Are you planning to start an online Writing Business? Here is a small introduction of what you must know before starting online writing business and what are the avenues available. You must understand the basics like keyword optimization, search engine optimization, etc to make mone...
Children must know etiquette and it is the responsibility of the parents to teach etiquette to small children. Is teaching etiquette to children a tough job? Not is easy when you use children books to teach eqiuette.
Education is a continuous learning process. Many children hates to do homework. Do you love helping in homework? Make homework a fun experience to make your child do the homework. Give room for extracurricular activity too.
Teaching the value of money to kids is definitely a great responsibility that lies in the hands of every parent. Do you think it is difficult to teach the value of money to children? Use these simple ways like use of piggy banks, differentiating needs and wants, teaching budgeting, us...
Majority of us have one or more blogs; we find it difficult to gain more visitors to these blogs. Why? Find out how to increase visitors to the blog by following these simple tips.
Majority of us are looking for various ways to earn money. How about earning money by writing and submitting articles for article directories? Sounds intersting, read how to make money writing articles for article directories.
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