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I love writing and hopefully it shows in my work. I believe we all have something to share.
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Recent pages by Djbrat

This simple trick will help to keep your eggs fresher longer.
Simple way to get the grate from your barbecue grill clean without the hassle.
Quick and easy way to repair a pair of eye glasses.
If you're tired of pulling food out of your freezer and discovering it turned into a huge frozen mess, try this trick and you won't have to deal with this problem again.
If you are a beginner is the sport of running, try these exercises to build up your strength so you won't injure yourself.
Get creative with the way you store you toilet paper. Instead of hiding it, try displaying it to create more space.
An easy and creative way to keep all your cosmetics organized and clutter-free.
Trying to understand what is really important in our lives. Don't turn your back on the reality.
This haiku explains some of the feelings a person might feel when dealing with solitude.
Maybe using wall space in your garage isn't an option, but you can use the ceiling to store items in your garage.
Never misplace your clean bed linens again, store them together and you will always find them fast and easy.
Just because that towel is old and has some tears, doesn't necessarily mean you have to toss it out. Convert it into something new instead.
A short story about why I think that Eeyore is so sad. He's got great friends to help him out, but he still seems a little depressed.
Did you ever wonder why you dream the things you do? Maybe there is some hidden emotion hidden in the dreams, this could help to discover why.
Always wanted to start a herb or flower garden but don't have the space. You can now with a container garden that is cheap and easy.
You can use this wonderful product for more than just wrapping and freezing your food, it has so many other uses that you may not have thought of before.
Some of the creative ways that you can use with some leftover buttons, so go ahead and save them instead of tossing them out.
Don't have any dryer sheets left but need to get the laundry done, try this simple trick and get the job done.
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