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A romantic bedroom should please the senses. To enhance intimacy on Valentine's Day -- or any day -- the Better Sleep Council offers tips and advice on how to transform your bedroom into a love nest that appeals to each of your five senses.
When it comes to the family of vitamins, vitamin D stands alone. It is the only vitamin the body can produce on its own. That's because it is actually a hormone. Due to its unique status, vitamin D surpasses all other vitamins in the multitude of health benefits it offers.
Recent statistics prove that regular cigarette smoking has become a cause for concern in the UK. In 2009, about 15% of heavy smokers in the UK wake up and start the morning with a cigarette. And 81% of them believe that they can’t survive a day without a smoke.
We all love travelling and exploring new places but our vacation will be pleasant one if and only if we have planned it well. There are plenty of travelling tips available on net, which are quite useful. Here I have jotted down few of my travelling tips which i leant from my Thailand ...
As a trusted name in reporting, IT professionals, report authors, and developers have been using SAP Crystal Reports software for almost two decades to create powerful, user-friendly, and dynamic reports from virtually any data source. You can transform overwhelming amounts of transac...
A contemporary ploy by iPhoneislam allows you to add FaceTime capabilities to your iPhone 3GS. This handbook will tell you how to make doable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS. Delight note that you need to have a jailbroken iPhone to proceed.
Apple reinvented the mobile phone, and revolutionized the smartphone when it introduced the iPhone. It has been surpassed in overall market share by the me-too, copycat Android OS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is a worthy challenger as well, but this fall Apple has an opportunity t...
The +1 button (pronounced "plus one") is Google's answer to Facebook's prolific "Like" feature, where users can click on an icon to show appreciation for a site.
Why bike? You can buy a bus tour and explore the beauty of France in a crowd of tourists; you can rent a car and drive aimlessly, but much more pleasant is to travel around the country on a bicycle.
Thrust into the spotlight after Kate Middleton asked her sister to serve as the chief bridesmaid, a role Brits traditionally give to a much younger girl, Pippa, 27, has garnered almost as much attention as the bride herself. But she's more than the little sister. Here are five things...
Benefit – If you complete the following steps you will have 3 brand new backlinks to your site from high page rank websites. Step by Step Instructions
Latitude and longitude. In this new era of app-driven love, location is most important. Take, for example, the story of Scott Kutcher and Amanda Segal. They started dating in March when, during a Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden, Scott pulled out his iPhone, opened an app call...
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