Mary Vlahakis

Mary Vlahakis
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I am a working mother of two. My writing will focus primarily on a variety of life experiences from my work life and my life as a working mom.
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I had a rather awkward experience yesterday that I thought that I would share. Perhaps I could get some feedback on how to react in situations like this for the next time.
The early days of a relationship are filled with bliss. The feeling of excitement when he walks into the room. The hours of conversations and the feeling like that person is listening to you like no one has ever listened to you before. How long is that sustainable?
This is an article about losing a grandparent and losing somehthing that you never realized that you had until it was gone.
Gentle and kind people can turn in raving lunatics when in comes to their children and sports. As a Soccer mom and a Hockey mom, this is a story of a weekend that was supposed to be a wonderful experience for children and their families and how it took a turn for the very worst.
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