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My name is MD KHAJA SHAREEF. I am presently working as a High School teacher in Mathematics and Physical Science. My date of birth is 10-04-1970. I lives in CHOUTUPPAL near HYDERABAD in INDIA
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Living beings have some basic process of that are present in their body and helps in survival and perpetuation of arace. This process in called Life Process. Ex: Photosynthesis, Respiration, Digestion, Transportation and Reproduction etc.
People become more active in the prime of their youth. They find their life partner and get married too.
While the children start crawling, they even start producing some sounds like ga…ga…ma…ma…
We resemble our whole family members in our family.
Different type people in different areas in the world.
Mother and the baby develop a special bond during in nine months.
We adapted different type of weather on Earth since early times.
We are similar and yet so different from each other.
Do you know why do we call our body a machine? It is very simple.
Early people gradually became less like apes and more like humans.
Math is simply logic and reasoning. Math is present in every day life and is being used even when people don't realize they are using mathematical reasoning. From balancing a checkbook, baking a cake or trying to choose which credit card offers the best deal, the logic of math is bein...
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