gregory stomberg

gregory stomberg
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Author / musician, creator of the shitkickin kid and the comic book characters, and co creator of detective Neal Adams . Member of the rock band syberite.
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Writers - use public domain animal characters in your stories, get a built in fan base, pay no royalties, start writing fan fiction today. by Greg Stomberg.
Authors - here's public domain characters you can use that already have a built in fan base, write fan fiction for money, pay no royalties on famous characters
The PolterGhost movie, by Misty Stomberg and Emie Fortney, created by Greg Stomberg early 1980s, novel by misty, edited by Greg, then editted and produced by emie
Jokes and pranks from the kid, hilarious and new, original, from the crazed mind of Gregory Stomberg musician / poet / author
Howie Mandel live concert review 10-22-1996 at the Rockford IL metro center, by Greg Stomberg, review.
Senator McCaskill meets occupy the voting booths founder Greg Stomberg at a town hall meeting in doniphan MO before the big 2012 election.
1970s underground newspaper, Zeke And Surf, from northern IL radicals, centered in lee and ogle counties, from the founders of the rock band syberite.
Book of Madness : the shitkickin kid history of an underground comic book character created early 1980s, the mini comics ran from 1986 - 2001. From Gregory S Stomberg.
The Easter Bunny Mummy, by Gregory Stomberg, funny, lol, hilarious poem / song for children and adults, new
Green cheese on the blue moon, another lol funny poem from Greg Stomberg, new to wikinut, some great poetry here
Mermaids on Mars, hilarious poem / song, written by Gregory Stomberg, for children and adults, sci fi humor
LSD paranormal researches investigate a haunted house in Franklin Grove IL
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