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Nancy Czerwinski
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I'm a mother and a grandmother. I love to write and be creative. If I can make one person smile I've done what I set out to do.
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The team is in trouble. They've managed to lock the curator in the basement and push a big chair in front of the door. Milly's shaking from fear and Molly and Robert are trying to figure out a way to save Dad. Miss Darcy is flying around looking for anything to use against the cura...
The team had reached the curator's house and they are getting ready to go inside. They are hoping to find Dad alive but at this point they don't know what is going on in the house. Everybody is on high alert and Milly has a bad feeling about this assignment. Dad's in danger and the...
Dad withheld information from the team and went to meet the curator by himself. Dad's now being held against his will and is in trouble. The team found a nice taxi driver that has agreed to drive Molly, Robert, Milly, Rusty and Miss Darcy to the curator's house in the snowstorm.
Dad made an appointment with the curator. He had some questions that only the curator could answer. He's meeting him at his house in the late afternoon. Dad did not share with the team where he was going which could be a big mistake.
Dad, Molly, Miss Darcy, Robert and Milly are on their way back from the museum. It's snowing again and Molly hopes the old van makes it home. Miss Darcy found an arrowhead in a corner of the burned out museum. Dad has it wrapped in tissue in his pocket. The mystery continues to unf...
The team is rested and ready to get back on the road. Molly's been investigating the Curator and believes that he plays a part in the robbery and the fire. She just can't seem to put her paw on a reason.
Thanksgiving Day has arrived and everyone is getting ready for the big day. The turkey's in the oven and the team is arriving one by one to celebrate their first Thanksgiving as a family.
Dad is driving Robert and Molly home from the library. They were actually doing undercover work at the curator's house. They had to be slick and tell Dad they needed to go to the library. Dad has no idea what the team has discovered. Mum is the word of the night.
The Fire Marshall notified the team that the museum fire was arson. Molly did some research and found out where the curator lives. Robert and Molly have told a small fib to Dad and said they needed to go to the Library. They are now in route.
Dad, Robert and Molly spent part of the day viewing the building where the museum was located before the fire. Molly thought it felt strange to walk in the building and see the sky from inside. All their clues went up in the fire. Now, Dad is waiting for a report from the Fire Mars...
The museum burned down and Dad, Robert and Molly are on their way to investigate the fire. They are in the van driving toward the square. There's snow everywhere and their sliding all over the road. Molly's hoping they get to the museum in one piece.
While everyone was sleeping the museum burned to the ground. The fire crews worked through the night to put the fire out. The team was going to wake up to breaking news and Freddy was going to be beside himself for falling asleep at a critical time.
The city has been shut down by a raging blizzard. Everyone is home waiting out the storm. Molly did some detective work while Dad was watching the football game. She found out the curator's background was not squeaky clean. He was now at the top of Molly's list of suspects.
The tow truck driver had been nice enough to drop everyone off at home. They are now home waiting out the storm. Freddy was watching the news and mom was cooking dinner. Dad's waiting for a call from forensics about the clue Katie found. Molly and Milly are watching the snow come d...
Team spent the day at the museum and are heading home. Katie found their first clue. They dropped off the evidence at the forensics lab and are going to drop the girls off at the pet store. There's a blizzard outside and the van is acting up. Clarissa and Katie are just hoping they...
The team is at the museum. They are standing at the top of the stairs waiting for Dad to talk to the curator. The man seems to have an attitude problem and Molly is very annoyed with him. She wants to get started on the investigation.
The team is preparing for another case. Dad wants everyone on the team to be involved with this case. They have to pull the van out of the garage because the team is getting so big that they need extra room for all of them.
The captain of the police department sent Dad, Robert and Molly to investigate a theft at the museum. The museum was actually on the third floor of an old building near the town square. Dad and the team did a walk through and Dad took notes. Molly observed and Robert walked around ...
Freddy is now a member of the team. Molly and Robert believe that he will be an asset because he watches the news around the clock. He can fill the team in on news bulletins anytime. It's been quiet on the home front but that is soon to change.
The team is enjoying some down time after their last case. Dad stopped at the pet store with Molly to see how Clarissa and Katie were doing. While they were there they met Freddy the goldfish. Dad and Molly were so impressed with Freddy that they brought him and his fish tank home w...
The Dynamic Duo and the team are beginning a new story at the start of winter. They live in a suburb of New Jersey and winters can be brutal. The team is preparing for the long winter months. Their last case was successful and they are hoping for a rest before another case presents...
The team has been waiting patiently for the Park Rangers to call with news. Rusty gave Clarissa and Katie a ride back to the pet store. The temperatures were too cold for them to stay in the park. Dad, Molly, Milly, Robert and Rusty stayed home and shared pizza and popcorn and watch...
The team is waiting for news from the Park Rangers. They had managed to take down one of the bad guys but there was still one on the run and they were on stand by till they were called into action.
Dad gave each of the team members an assignment and they are in the park searching for the bad guys. Miss Darcy is flying above the trees and Spike is jumping from tree to tree. Everybody is working undercover to bring the bad guys down.
Dad met with the team and has passed out assignments to everyone. They are supposed to meet in the park at dawn. Dad decided the safest plan was for each team member to have a buddy. The team would be searching high and low for the bad guys. Dad felt the team had them on the run.
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