Jack Necron

Jack Necron
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I am a writer/poet and photo editor/artist. I am a philosophical, laid back guy blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.
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I know not the meaning of life Or if there even is one at all, If our dreams are imaginary Or are memories from a time we can’t recall.
A poem based loosely on a dream I had. I tried my best to remember it and added parts in between.
Perhaps in another time things could have been different. Perhaps in another life the past gave birth to a new present.
Every second, every action, every word paints the canvas of your life....of your story.
A letter of importance between former lovers and a sorrowing truth.
A poem regarding the negative tendencies of mankind and how we are the creators of our own evils.
A poem about a man falsely accused and imprisoned.
A poem about the daily comings and goings in life and how many things can ultimately break us.
A poem about mankind in general and how we are unable to coexist.
A spiritual poem regarding what may come in the afterlife.
A philosophical poem regarding life, it's meaning and the roads we choose to take.
A poem about a relationship that I had and how I was treated throughout.
A poem of heartbreak and that life is never without meaning, even in it's darkest days.
A dark poem about forgiveness and judgment involving a young woman and her mistakes.
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