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I am a certified project manager, (PMP), with additional certifications in contract management and procurement purchasing.
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President Obama intends to bring forth a new public health care plan. This will increase the number of Americans with health insurance. Unlike other plans around the world, many people will still not have health coverage. Debate has begun now on the President's plan.
Freelance project managers and other skilled individuals may want to consider volunteering some of their time for a non-profit organization. While there is no payment for such service, there can be benefits returned through the experience.
All Project Management Professionals must earn 60 PMP renewal credits during each three year cycle after gaining their certification. By planning the tasks necessary to earn the credits, renewal should be a fairly easy accomplishment.
If you are a beginner, you will notice that many computer systems insist that you register with a unique account name and a password. There are often rules in place to ensure that your password is secure. Even if there are no rules, you should protect yourself by having a secure word ...
Beginners may not know about the dangers that lurk on the Internet. Scammers, spammers, identity thieves and more are out there waiting to pounce on new victims. They find easy prey among the beginners. With just a little education, you can avoid the Internet traps. Here's how to prot...
Justin Trudeau may be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was able to retain his seat in parliament on May 2, 2011 but his party was decimated. With the departure of the last leader, a popular movement is starting to elevate Justin Trudeau to lead.
Children love junk food but it is expensive and not good for them. Adults love snacks as well but the fats and calories make potato chips, (crisps), a bad diet choice for many. Here's how you can have the best of both worlds: food that tastes like junk food but which is actually healt...
Music is important for children. It soothes them and teaches them about timing and melodies. There is a mathematical quality to music which can help guide early development. Give children opportunities to learn and play music.
Voter turnout has been very low in Canada lately. This is especially true with young voters. Why is this? They are not represented because they don't get involved. Here's what young people need to do, starting with turning up to vote.
London is one of the top tourist destinations in the world each year for millions of visitors. It is a huge city with a multitude of options available to visitors. Whether you are planning your first visit or your latest one, take a few moments to consider some key tourism opportuniti...
London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and for good reason. Millions of people visit each year. Don't make costly mistakes when you are in London. By following a few reasonable travel tips, you'll save money and travel about like a local.
Many project managers are wondering about the value of the Project Management Professional, (PMP), certification as it pertains to their career. This is a significant accomplishment that costs money to attain and to keep. Check out how the certification may be useful, and valuable, to...
WIth the cost of food at an all time high, try out a nutritious meal idea that is cheap but tastes great. Full of vitamins and protein, it will give you the energy you need and it won't break the bank. Mix it up a bit and you'll find that you will make this dish again and again.
With the recent strength in the price of potash fertilizer, many investors may want to consider equity positions in producers and exploration companies. The compound is rich is potassium and is an important additive to farm soils in order to boost crop production. Prices are expected ...
Business ethics are very important for certified Project Managment Professionals. The Project Management Institute insists that these individuals follow a higher ethical standard than normal. This is especially true for those operating in foreign countries. Regardless of location, the...
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