Tricia Ashby

Tricia Ashby
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I am 30 years old and i love to read, write and draw and i love Antigues of Egypt and ocean wildlife like Orca's
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This is about My Talent in Singing I have always followed My Favorite artists and listen to them Make a Mark on the world and this Is My Own Story about My Talent
My Thoughts on the new Thing I am trying out and that is writing stories and making something for people to enjoy reading
This is about My Thoughts on Michael Jackson and what he has done to change the world of Music He also Inspired me.
This is a Song that I have written in my Journal It is about Life and How we should appreciate it more in the Gifts that we are Given for Life is Short and we have to start making a Change.
This is My Thoughts on the day Our Nation was under Attacked when The Twin Towers Fell down and then the Pentagon was Hit and the People who Sacrificed there Lives for Us.
Its about My Thoughts on the World and The Problems we face everyday
It is a song about a Girl who wonders everyday of who is she and where is she Going in her Life
Its about a Girl who finds a Trapped Baby Orca and works with it to save its Life and set it Free to find its Family.
This is my Thoughts on Pop Music on of my favorite music
This is just about me and all the things that i love doing also about the animals and talents i have.
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