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My poetry and lyrics focus on political events that will shape our lives in the future. Not all of my submissions will deal with the serious topics of our days. Enjoy!
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Recent pages by Fmckenna

This is a poem in tribute to Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez, who was shot and killed at the US border on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.
The problems with our Lawmakers. They are the true heartbreakers, making promises that they don't keep. I little inspiration from within can hopefully guide them down the right path,
A poem about timeless love. It doesn't matter what age we age, we love and live from start to finish.
Cool off with a story about the Sea. It's really about getting our feet wet and enjoying life, knowing that, like the sea, we can be knocked down, but there is always a way to get back up.
This is about the economic troubles that has troubled our country for the last several years.
Here is a poem about just some of the things that can make us sad, bring us down, the point is that we really need to not only believe in ourselves, but we need to find out what we can count on in our lives.
A poem about the occupation. It's a poem about Occupy Wall Street
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