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I could never say I'm a poet,far from it. But I love to write.Mistakes, well that's my middle name.I'm real good at them and hope they are pointed out to me so I learn from them...
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Most Can just let go. They find another road to take. The few that truly care stand off stage and watch.Those are the few that wait to help.
Lived through it and loved each moment of the storm
Written is this story of a grandfather who knows the end is near.How is it that he would let go and let the child see it is ok to pass.
What do you think it is you lost? It is and always will be! Within you...Find it because it is yours and yours only.
So in love and with years of seasons changed.Lay a love of never ending.
It is not that I was looking.Nor was it my wish to find this kiss. It just jumped out and took hold of me. It one day that will not be forgotten..
War. What can be said of it? Within each war stands the truth.This truth was played out in the Year of 1944
This is my dream. Should I dare to share it with you? I have a chair with your name on it.Come, sit. share this dream with me.
when you as a child, I hope it came to you, and you found It
Written to my son that needed to know the role he should play within our life together
Each and every journey is a hunt for the thing that brings warmth within ones soul.Yet we know not, the gift until its found...
Did you ever wonder if this may you? IF NOT SAID NOW THEN WHEN?
How it is I meet her. For I have no other way. Yet I wish not to and still she comes to break my heart
The most wonderful day of my life.Melting into the eyes of an angel...
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