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Hi. I like to write. I am prolife. I love band and Jesus! I have played piano, violin, cello, clarinet, flute, sax, bells, crotales, and numerous other pit instruments. I am an amateur astronomer!
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A quick overview of the aspects of modernism in the 1931 novel, "Brave New World."
"Doesn't everyone have this kind of pain?" Living with the painful foot problem. This is my story.
Maybe you aren't Catholic. Maybe your faith is weak. Maybe you are looking for something more. No matter the case, look at what I say about a popular teen retreat.
If you thought having to get rid of expired soda is boring and gross, read on!
In sixth grade, I was bullied to the point of an emotional breakdown. This is my story.
One of the biggest hot topics of our time, people should know where to stand on embryonic stem cell research. I'm here to persuade you against it.
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