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I am running a coaching centre and teach Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for students appearing in competitive examinations like IIT, SAT etc I am interested in journalism as a pastime.
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What is the reason Karunanidhi does not wish Navaratri festival? The answer is very simple. Islam does not sanction celebration of Navaratri festival
Price Waterhouse Cooper was banned from auditing sometime back. This article was written by me at that time. But now also the situation has not changed in the Indian auditing and accounting world.
Bihar election is witnessing a fiery battle of words. In the latest episode, Lalu Prasad has made beef eating an election issue. Read the article to further know about the issue.
What was the necessity to expel Saskiala from the party and Poes Garden? Karunanidhi's reasoning and logic could be very simplistic, but my reasoning and logic are not so naive. There are some chilling truths behind this drastic action by Jayalalithaa. The truth could even reveal a pl...
Sonalika Tractors is one of interesting growth companies in India. Its ambitions are high but whether it will reach it is yet to be seen. Here is an analysis about past performance of the company since 2012
Every time the world feels that the computers are slowing down, Intel has come up with a breakthrough chip, which increases computer capability. For the tech and the society, it means a lot. But how long can Intel keep the growth going? What is in store for the future technology? Ther...
Tatoos were difficult to remove in the past, leaving ugly scars. But no laser treatment has made removal of the tatoos easy. But still there are some problems. This article deals with them
PoK sees many Punjabis settling down there. If this trend continues, the Kashmiris will become a minority there in some years. But the Kashmiri Muslims seem to be happy about it as they see Punjabi Muslims respecting the Prophet Mohammad and the Holy Koran.
Bihar elections are proving to be interesting. It is a close fight between National Democratic Alliance and Lalu Prasad Yadav. Muslims want to defeat Narendra Modi at any cost
China is planning to attack India and capture Arunachal Pradesh or part of it. Simultaneously Pakistan will be asked to attack India on its Western border. After capturing Arunachal Pradesh, China will offer a border settlement elsewhere magnanimously.
It is too dangerous to chat with strangers in the Internet particularly for girls. This short article narrates an episode to caution girls not to entertain strangers in the Internet while chatting
David Beckam, the celebrity soccer star of England is of much attraction all over the world. People are interested to know about David Beckam workouts and David Beckam diet. Here I have presented them vividly but crisply for the readers.
Parle Agro has captured the high fancy of soft drink users in India. It is posing a competition to multinationals like the Coke and Pepsi. They know the Indian pulse and have succeeded against the foreign companies.
Phil Hughes death has shocked the cricket world. But Australia is only reaping on its past sins committed by its past bowlers on the hapless batsmen. Australia does not deserve any sympathy.
The World Cup football tournament in Brazil is breathtaking. Many feel Brazil to win but my prediction is that Argentina has the most probable chance (I am a mathematics Professor). Argentina has no major challenges upto the finals and so its journey is smooth. In the finals Lionel Me...
Indian general elections have evoked interest all over the world. Everybody likes Narendra Modi to lose the election and Rahul Gandhi to win. USA will be compelled to issue visa to Modi if he becomes the Prime Minister. But the American government has made it clear that the visa will ...
India can easily crush Pakistan in the event of a war but China is in a dominant position in a conventional warfare and hence nuclear weapons are needed against China in case of an emergency. China is also targeting India’s neighbours under the grab of trade push
India should reconsider doing joint military exercises with China as this will prompt China to attack India at any time after knowing its military secrets. China has a plan to first be friendly with Bhutan and than to annex it with it. China has similar plans with regard to Nepal and ...
Chinese currency Yuan is among the most traded currencies of the world. This is also a threat to world peace. If Yuan replaces US dollars, Chinese influence will dominate the world over
China has sacked its army general Peng Yong for the Tiananmen blast which was conducted by Islamic terrorists demanding freedom for the Xingjian Province. India and China conducted a ten-day anti-terror military drill. India should avoid such military collaborations with China
Pakistan based Islamic organisations want to kill the soldiers of Britain, USA and India. Britain is targeting its radical Muslim preachers. A group is to be set up (or already it has been set up) to fight radicalism in mosques, madrasas (Islamic schools) and Internet material. Hardli...
If USA is not able to control or conquer Muslim terrorists, then its own fate will become questionable. There are many American Muslims like Headley who consider Pakistan as their motherland and who want to wreck havoc with USA. USA will be hard put to control internal sabotage. Amer...
Ironically the crisis affected the allies of USA more than its enemies. China was the most affected country as it had built a huge foreign exchange reserves in US dollars. Chinese economy would have collapsed had the crisis lasted. China issued repeated statements that safeguarding th...
In 1948 there were only 10000 Muslims in Britain. This swelled to 2.3 million in fifty years time. Now it would have further risen. Very soon Britain is going to become an Islamic Republic. Therefore British Muslims have a strong say in all matters civil and defence. Only silver linin...
David Cameron should be careful and avoid state regulation of the British press howsoever desirous it may be. British press has been irresponsible of late and have indulged in briberies, blackmails and hacking of telephone conversations in order to get juicy stories. But even if the i...
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