Andres Fragoso Jr

Andres Fragoso Jr
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Andres is an avid reader and writer. As a gay man he works hard when writing to promote non-stereotypical gay personification.
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I always wondered how to read a court transcript. Kristine Johnson wrote, Writing Wrongs, Certified, Volume 1, where it shows how a court proceedings are reported.
This review is to help visitors from around the world to see that Las Vegas has more to offer than just gambling. There's culture here.
The Courted One Timer How do you write the Courted One Timer, without making look like a poor, defenseless, child with no help? Or an sensitive fem.
Writing the Courtor of the One Time Courtship without making him sound like a bad guy.
How do you write a One Time Courtship without making the courter a bad person and the courted an idiot?
What do you do when your nephew asks what you do for a living? I told him that part of my job is marketing. This is my example to him.
Thomas Lowrie is sweating in his garage. His neighbor asks him to throw some things out from her home. He does the good neighborly thing and out of curiosity takes home an old suitcase. What happened next was amazing for me to read.
There's a big disparity among us humans when it comes to homosexuality. Men have no problem if their girlfriend is bi-sexual.
Frustrating Static Pages There’s nothing more frustrating than not seeing updates on your website. You new book information that needs to be on it isn’t. Why is it not there? You’re losing sales when it’s not up there for the world to buy it. Why is your Author Website static?...
As Professional Writers we spend a lot of time researching resources to help with our craft. Wouldn't it be nice to have one place and find everything we need? Or at least something as close to everything. Writer's Window VCD is just that, a Virtual Concierge Directory where you as a ...
Martine Jadotte, founder, President and CEO has dreamed of creating better lives for children who are not as fortunate to a family or access to life’s most basic necessities since her childhood.
The Holidays do not always mean the same to those of us who are gay. To some of us is a celebration of family unity and love. To others is a piercing, painful memory of family’s prejudices, religion righteousness, pain, despair and suicidal thoughts because our own families made us ...
Ganymede was not gay Considered to be the most beautiful of mortals. Son of Troy, abducted by Jupiter, who had transformed himself as an eagle to take him to the heavens. Who now sits by his side giving him water whenever he’s thirsty? A houseboy.
Venus, the epitome of femininity, beauty, love, and yes, SEX. We all desire Venus, we all want to be like Venus, we all want Venus.
...As the nephew, of the notorious Frank Bompensiero, Joe grew up under the shadow of the Mafia Consigliere.
A story of a Free Lance Photographer with big dreams and no thought of how a website could have helped him.
In Greek Mythology we have Mars the god of War. Mars is probably the only god that did not have a gay lover. Most men want to be like Mars, strong, virile, and with much stamina. They try, but few succeed.
Writing gay characters when, Men are straight, women can be bi, and gays and lesbians are just gays and lesbians.
Why I wrote the Writer's Sidekick Series. For one simple reason. I struggled for years organizing my rambling thoughts in order to write my novels. I spent more time looking for my notes than actually writing.
Walking Dead - Gays beware, be afraid, and be healthy. If you do not have any of the three requisites, you will be one of the many Walking Dead. You do not want that, it is depressing.
TRI-FETA - Those Coveted Trifetas will never know where they are in the totem pole of the gay community. Most gays will keep them in the dark until its too late. Once Time has taken its toll, the Coveted will still have the other two requisites. That is if they invested right and stop...
Money – If you are under 21, have the body of Adonis, and you have money, you are the Coveted Trifectas. You will have men worshiping you at your feet. You can be without the other two, look at Sugar Daddies. Walking Dead - Gays beware, be afraid, and be healthy.
Body – If you have youth and you were active you know have the Magical Duo. Straights, Boy Toys, Drag Queens, Twinks, and yes, Bears. The requisite you can work on and achieve it if you are an outsider. I have tried and it is hard to exercise, and I do not have the discipline. As a ...
Requisite #1 Youth – If you are over 21 and you do not have this requisite, you had better have one of the other 2 requisites. This is the most coveted requisite as well as the most fleeting one. Its enemy is Time. I feel bad for the Boy Toys when they get older.
There are 3 requisites to be accepted in the gay community. Youth, Body, and Money. Without one of the three you’re The Walking Gay Dead.
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