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of all the things i've lost i miss my mind the most.
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Recently, my British politics class was sent on a tour of the Parliamentary archives. Initially I was uninterested in the mission, finding nothing exciting about waking up early to go through a giant file cabinet. It was only when inside the House of Lords record office that I realiz...
My trip to the House of Commons. What is it all about and what did i learn from it.
Have you ever wondered what they appropriate nickname is for a person from Massachusetts or maybe someone from Wisconsin? Well this will make it all too simple for you.
The Tate Modern is one of the most famous art museums in the entire world, and a top attraction if you are visiting London. Here is a brief review of the fine art institution.
She should have gone to “Rehab”, but she wouldn’t conform for anyone. The untimely passing of Amy Winehouse is unfortunate, but her memory will live on.
What are the main functions of being a Member of Parliament? Who holds these positions and how are they elected.
The British Constitution is unwritten and un-codified. I will explain what this means and whether it is a good thing or bad.
Try and guess what 20th century invention i am, and then try it yourself.
Erving Goffman, one of the leading sociologists of the 20th century wrote many groundbreaking books and articles. This review examines his book "Interaction Ritual", and examines behavior in social situations.
An analysis of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It houses an impressive collection of various cultural artifacts and fine art.
Large ravens inhabit the ground of the Tower of London. Discover the history behind why these large birds live in the Tower.
The sado or chado, more commonly known as the tea ceremony, is a cultural ritual of preparing and drinking tea based on Daoism. During my trip to Tokyo i was able to partake in the delightful cultural event.
What is the potential contribution of ethanol as an alternative or supplement to petroleum for energy? Other biomass fuels will be analyzed citing the differences between one another.
The changes in seagrass abundance in Tampa Bay over the last 60 years have been remarkable. Why is seagrass important? What has caused and effected seagrass loss and recovery?
The social construction of reality is compared and contrasted between separate sociologists observing behavioral patterns. How we act in society is based off of specialized cues.
Ikebana is the traditional flower arrangement which is conducted in Japan. After reading this article you might change your mind about your local florist.
As our society becomes more and more health and socially conscious, we must examine where our food is coming from. It may come as a shock to many that the animals we eat are kept in unsavory living conditions until their death. By the end of this article, you might want to be a vegeta...
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had been considering whether to reclassify the manatee as threatened instead of endangered. Manatees have been on the state's endangered list since 1979. What are the pros and cons of classifying the animals as such.
Is it too easy to get a divorce in America? A large part of the population believes so, and perhaps this is why there are such high divorce rates in the country. As a country, we have the highest divorce rate in the world
Tokyo seen through the eyes of an American student. This is the reason why everyone must travel abroad before they die.
An open letter to Governor Crist detailing the elements that should be included in Florida's energy and climate action plan.
The Illicit drug trade has found its newest pawn, College students from upper-middle class and privileged backgrounds. This paper examines why students engage in “sneaky thrill” crimes, and what the underlying motives of their actions are. Originally motivated by materialism, the ...
The family is an important social unit that has served as an integral part of society since the dawn of time. This article analyzes how the family has dramatically changed over the years and what is in-store for the future. Families are as different as the people who make up them.
How does one become a thinker? Has the mind become the most valuable asset that we rarely recognize? Is there any room for the 'ancient' art of philosophy is today's time?
How can a person's wealth truly be measured? is it based on the amount of money one has amassed or based on the number of friends? by the end of this essay it will be up for you to decide.
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