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I am from Coimbatore city, Tamilnadu state, India
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I hope this article will be useful for Indians only. But still other country readers can get a knowledge about this. 2010 is a good year for Indian films, especially for Hindi and Tamil. This article briefly describes the best 10 movies in Hindi and Tamil. Along with that, an one line...
Bosses are sometimes threatening creatures for employees. This article explains some intelligent ways to satisfy bosses.
It is very important to take care of our dental structure. This article gives some tips to take care of our dental zone.
Allopathic medicines which are sometimes referred as Western medicines can cure the diseases or health related problems very fast but permanent relief is not available for all diseases. Yoga helps to cure most of the human diseases and health related problems.
People are talking more about 2G and 3G technologies in mobile phones recent days. What are they? How both are different? This article describes in brief about 2G and 3G technologies, their differences and advantages.
Now-a-days almost everybody in their official life use computers. They accumulate their daily data as files and collect those files in various folders in their system hard drives. Over a period of time, definitely most of the people face difficulties in managing their files and folder...
Each and everybody would have crossed lot of happy moments in their life. This article consolidates the gist of such happy moments which everybody can experience in common.
Never watch ENTHIRAN (ROBOT) movie online...! It is really a sin...!
When the world looked into the first mobile phone released by Motorola in 1973, its a huge surprise for all. But now, mobile is almost a necessary thing in everybody's life and it mingled to individual's life. Let us see how the usage of mobiles from earlier days has changed.
I hope many of you try to maintain your face beauty, but some of you only will succeed finally whereas most of us fail to maintain the face beauty. Here are some tips to maintain glamor in our face ever.
There are many interesting rules in a cricket game. This article shares in brief about some of the important and interesting rules.
Now a days one can find many browsers in use among the internet surfers. Each one browser adds some features and releases a version, but comes with some drawbacks also. So, this article will through light among the readers about the best browser that internet surfers can use.
I can say, saving a tree is almost saving a human...! Trees are the most precious natural creations in this world. And we need to take care on them too..!
This short article will serve as a good guide for beginners who learn textiles in their academics. This will give a brief introduction of various processes involved in manufacturing a cotton ring spun yarn.
This article is dedicated to famous Indian sportsmen in the year 2010.
It is usually unsafe and not recommended to keep the webcam lens open...!!
This article gives a small introduction and idea about the three popular epics in the world.
Sania Mirza is one of the leading Tennis players of India. This article describes in brief about her sports life.
Social networking through internet is one of the best developments recent days. It guides people in many ways and helps them to improve their life style and relationships. Still, many websites find some negative aspects too.
I am sharing my personal experiences how I managed winter season in India. Hope this will be interesting and useful for you too.
It is a fact that a clean house is an indicator of living style of anybody. This article enlightens people who are in a motive to keep house clean always.
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