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Cyber-terrorism is a potentially more dangerous than the traditional terrorism as it involves damages to the attacked side.
Female foeticide is a curse for the society it will lead to social degeneration.
She has been gone in un-awakened sleep, but awakened the country. This is new beginning for social change in India.
Discriminating women against the men is a curse for the society which destabilize the natural development of the society as men and women together build the society.
Humanity is at the receding end that is why human beings are not able to perform their duties and responsibilities, but perhaps they could do it.
Life is the dare challenge that all the creatures on the planet has to face
No body can describe about mother better than a mother herself. A short poem reflecting a gentle and sublime relation between a mother and her child.
Better infrastructural facilities are a pre-requisite conditions for conditional cash transfer schemes
Kasab's hanging has again resurfaced the debate of death penalty and questions India's ideal principles of non-violence and peace.
The Environment Culture is going to begin and the mantra is " Save Trees, Save Yourself".
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