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A glimpse on the way TOR works and how it is useful. Also it has been described why TOR is considered the most Anonymity tool available at present.
Apple has launched iOS 7.1 bringing a number of changes and additions to iDevice users.
A new service has been launched by a startup in India where users can make free calls using voip technology, without using internet.
Facebook is trying to buy Titan Aerospace, a drone maker whose solar-powered aircraft could operate as high-altitude wireless hot spots, circling in the stratosphere for years without refueling.
Take a look at the upcoming 50 MP flagship phone from a lesser known brand - Oppo
These pictures have surfaced on a Chinese forum. They are supposed to be of the upcoming iPhone 6
Excel shortcuts are a vital weapon in any data analyst’s arsenal. As most data analysts have to do operations in financial modeling repeatedly and knowing keyboard shortcuts can speed up the work and save a lot of time and money.They just make working with MS Excel easier, faster, ...
This article takes a look into Google's plans of launching a fully customized smart phone, which an user can customize even the hardware selection as per their choice.
A look back on the background of the WhatsApp founders, who took the tech world by storm, first by their creativity then by the billion dollar deal.
This article provides information on the imminent launch of Nokia's android phones and tries to find out why Nokia is launching an android phones.
Information on the Windows Azure - Cloud Computing free trial offer. The article look into the possibilities by which this offer as well as cloud computing can be used.
Alleged pictures of the upcoming smart phone from Apple has been leaked online and this article checks out the pictures and tries to verify their authenticity.
This article provides insight on the frequent crash issue in iOS7 devices due to a bug in the springboard and also the upcoming fix which Apple has announced.
My view why Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is all set to become the most popular phone in Indian market and possibly other developing markets also.
This is a news article on mow smart appliances are used by hackers during christmas holidays to send spam and malicious mails.
iPad Pro rumours and the probable specifications. This article is based on the report by Evercore Analyst Patrick Wang
This is a trick to download torrents in iPhone or iPad without jail breaking the device. Two ways have been discussed in this article and both of them are working now. I myshelf have tested them.
This is an analysis of the purpoted photo of the frame of iPhone phablet which has been leaked by CTech
My suggestion and feedback to Apple for a better document management is needed in iOS products
This is an work of pure fiction based on Love, Ghosts, Memory and Faith
The form Apple's next iPhone will take is one of the most discussed topics at present, but other than screen size and material rumours, there hasn't been much talk about the body thickness rumors. But the latest leaks, point to an ultra thin body form, around 6mm, which is much slimme...
Future scenarios on warfare using hacking as a weapon to create new fronts in cyber space
Upcoming wearable gadgets of 2014 which has the potential to make it big
This article brings you all of the latest rumors on iPhone 6 going around the web.
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