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I am a freelance writer.writing is a passion for me.I love to write.I also like reading,bird watching and listening music also.I am interested in photography also.I also like to make friends.
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Anger is deeply emotional outburst about unwanted situation, matter or other person’s behavior. Antagonism is weakness of human nature. Furious behavior belittles the furious person. As a person maddened by fury of hard feeling, his composure becomes irritating. When angry nature be...
Eating disorder is condition in which person either over eat food or consume insufficient food. Eating disorder causes due to several complicated Physical, psychological and social factors. Person’s life style is affected adversely by eating disorder problem
Hypoglycemia is below normal level of glucose in blood of human. Hypoglycemia is increasingly common in people with diabetes. Hypoglycemia can occur at anyone age group due to many reasons. The treatment for hypoglycemia is to raising blood Sugar level to normal level.
Genius persons are highly talented persons. They differ with other majority people. Genius people are talented in their specialized field for example, Science, Music, Literature, Arts, Painting, Dance and Invention.
What we eat, get digested and absorbed in body. Healthy food intake Will helpful in good digestion and subsequently give us good health. Main reason for poor digestion is bad dietary habits. Here I have given important advices which will be helpful for avoiding digestion disorder. Go...
Carrot and Broccoli are the finest source of nutrition. Carrot and Broccoli improves human’s immunity system. Both vegetable are available in approximately all parts of word.
Spinach Is the Best among all available vegetable while considering health point of view.
Woman always thinks differently in every aspects of life. Woman has their own priorities
Marriage is a blessing and divorce is agony. Marriage is social, emotional and legal union of man and wife.
Yoga and meditation are Indian spiritual art. If properly practiced both arts are very much helpful for spiritual development.
Man attracts towards woman is a natural animal instinct. Here we are talking about Normal man; we are not talking about Skirt chaser. Due to Certain natural characteristics of woman, man attract towards woman. I hereby give five virtues of woman.
Tantra, yoga and hathayoga are very much on same path attaining of spiritual achievement. And also practiced for attaining good physical and psychological health.
Useful tips for newly wedded husband or immature husband Who cannot please his spouse? This is also useful to inspire man-To become more Artful, Romantic and Helpful to her Spouse.
Here I have given very useful tips to overcome writer’s block. These tips will make writer stress free against troublesome writer’s block. Writer can very well manage this period of writer’s block.
Phobia is intense fear of some situation; object or place.Agoraphobia is fear of visiting to public places. It is the worst kind of phobia that makes patient mentally handicapped
Depression, Anxiety and mood disorder are specifically different ailments But usually they are travellers of same road for deterioring patient’s condition
Happiness is inner state of mind. Happiness is a cultivating habit to feel happy. However adopting certain attitudes can make human happy easily. This simple But times tested tips of attitudes and behavior are give in this article.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of continued tiredness. It is difficult to cure completely. Proper medical advice, attention and Patient’s active participation is helpful in relieving CFS SYNDROME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).Yoga and Meditation is very much helpful in controlling...
Hypertension now a day’s prevalent in old and young people also. In addition to Consuming Daily medicine, Hypertensive patient should learn the ways to control hypertension
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