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Recent pages by prune

John Galliano, top fashion designer for Dior, has been fired this week for remarks against Jews while he was blind drunk.
Tips on how to keep cool when living in a hot climate or faced with effects of global warming
A review on Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review. How it can help one give up smoking or at least reduce the harmful effects of smoking a normal cigarette.
An account of what hot flushes/flushes are like and how to deal with them. How to maintain a positive attitude.
Ways to enjoy using your treadmill more and make it less boring. The music you should listen to, clothes to wear and items to help you feel more comfortable.
depression. What one feels, what to do and how to come out of it
Tips and advice on how to lose weight and keep to your diet in order to keep the weight off.
Description of a product that can help teenagers deal with their spots and pimples.
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