HJ Esteban

HJ Esteban
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I am a researcher and I love to write. I am particularly interested in current events trends. I am mostly a self learner and I love to share what I learn with others.
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I am gray, and I would contend that being gray is not being weak. I refuse to go along mainstream ideas that people had to be either on the right or on the left, black or white, and that anything in between is evil or mediocre. This idea is the cause why our world is full of hatred, ...
In today's world, knowledge has become a commodity. We exchange ideas in the information superhighway that is the internet and at this point, with the presence of more venues than was possible before, we are now trading our abilities.
For someone who loves to write, it is his passion that drives him to accomplish a written piece. For someone who wants to make money out of that passion, sometimes the drive wanes and then he starts procrastinating.
You won’t believe the unlikely moments and places where writing ideas come out. So here I will talk of some benefits of having a dream journal or simply a journal.
Weather reports on rainfall comes with figures like 20mm or 30mm rainfall. This might not make so much sense to someone who not understand how the measurement is done. Here is a short guide to understanding rainfall measurement.
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