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I am a mixed bag of lawyer, vegan, environmentalist and sports nut and my writing is likely to be passionate, of-the-moment articles on a wide variety of topics. I also write the occasional poem!
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The true meaning of love; does it lie in the bud of a flower, the turn of a phrase inside a card, the soft-centred truffle or the pop of the Champagne cork? A poem on love in anticipation of Valentine's day.
What should we really be doing this season. Eat, drink, be merry? Or should we take a more sober look at the world and what we can do to change it?
Life produces coincidences. This week, when we are urged to buy a poppy to remember the fallen, Marine 'A' is found guilty of murdering an injured Afghan insurgent in Helmand province. Should we buy poppies at all? Does Marine 'A' deserve leniency?
Having played six out of the current top seven in the first ten games of the season, Aston Villa began a run of more ‘winnable’ fixtures with the visit of Cardiff on Saturday. Read a match report here and get a full flavour of the game from the stands.
Hidden gems can be found all over Britain. This article highlights part of east Devon - Colyton, Seaton and the Axe valley in between - that is deserving of greater attention.
In 1888, the Football League's inaugural season, 12 clubs took to the pitches of the north and the midlands to begin a battle for supremacy that has been maintained to the present, and vastly expanded. Aston Villa v Everton is the most played fixture and last Saturday at Villa Park th...
Aston Villa took on Spurs in the Sunday afternoon game this weekend. With an inspiring win in the last home game against Manchester City and a first-day victory away at Arsenal, fans were hoping for another form-confounding result. This is the story of the match.
Crimewatch, the BBC’s flagship programme aimed at contributing to the ‘fight against crime’, has re-ignited interest the Madeleine McCann story in a big way this week by dedicating over 25 minutes of air-time to a combination of a reconstruction of the relevant events, interview...
This is one of a series of articles about the top left-hand corner of England with suggestions on where to go, what to see and, possibly, what to avoid! From Cheshire to Cumbria, encompassing Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire, the area has rolling fields, big cities, sweep...
Is 'Profit' all it's cracked up to be? Is the Prime Minister, David Cameron the only party leader who understands business? Is Ed Miliband barking up the wrong tree (a Marxist one, presumably) in wanting to control energy company profits?
The Tory Party conference arrived in Manchester this week, a blue-clad juggernaut driving through one of the reddest of cities, politically at least. On Monday, we heard how George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, plans to reorganise the benefit system; this is why you should den...
Following the last home game, a disappointing result against Newcastle, Aston Villa's results have been mixed. An away win at Carrow Road was obtained by a battling defensive display, a first club goal for Kozak and the first clean sheet in 27 league games. This was followed by a Carl...
Sunderland's sacking of Paolo Di Canio was an inevitability at some point this season. His original appointment was a mistake; is his quick-fire departure similarly wrong? How will Sunderland recover? And where will Di Canio end up?
I missed the first Villa home game of the season due to holiday commitments. Having been buoyed by the Arsenal result at the Emirates on the opening day of the season and encouraged by the displays against Chelsea away and Liverpool at home, I was looking forward to entertaining the M...
What do you think of the outcome of Michael Le Vell's Trial? Should he have been prosecuted at all? Does The Crown Prosecution Service have questions to answer?
Following Michael Le Vell's acquittal, is there a need to look at the Crown Prosecution Service's decision making?
I rarely get the opportunity to visit the north-east, and often it is for a very brief period. This article highlights some of the best places to visit in the area if time is short.
A recent trip to Cornwall - with images - that shows off the glory of its northern coastline
David Cameron, the British PM, attended the G20 summit this week and supported military action agains the Assad regime in Syria. Following defeat in Parliament and a clear lack of support from the public, just who is Cameron representing?
The Crown Prosecution Service has today swiftly and publicly rebuked a barrister it instructed in a case relating to the sexual abuse of a thirteen-year-old girl for calling her sexually experienced and her behaviour 'predatory'. Was it right to do so?
The NHS is being privatised, bit by bit. The 111 service is, in fact, a revamped national resource that was split into 46 different entities and sold off to the lowest bidder. Today, NHS Direct pulled out of its remaining contracts because it couldn't make money.
A poem from a party, celebrating the 80s and its musical culture!
Nick Clegg has today announced yet more changes to the nation's education system. Within this particular avalanche of dogmatic impositions is the proposal to rank every single 11 year-old in the country. There may be no ACTUAL suggestion that such a ranking should be permanently bran...
There is a constant refrain in Britain from the political classes, especially those on the right, chorused by much of the tabloid press. "Life must mean 'Life'" they say, as if this has a depth of meaning beyond the simple words used. Well, these voices are wrong. Do not just take my ...
The owl, in modern western culture is associated with wisdom, the fox with cunning. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and is linked to the image of an owl whereas folk tales abound involving the sly old 'Renard'. We have both traits, but do we allow one to dominate the other? Thi...
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