Amy Robertson

Amy Robertson
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I live and work in London and have an interest in art, films, charity, boxing, travel and social observations.
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Adoption is a big choice and one that the media strives to put us off with its horror stories. I decided to find out more about it.
The Tate Modern's Kusama exhibition is an explosion of colour, texture and visuals which question how we see and feel.
Self-harm is thought of as a teenage phenomena yet some adults self-harm too
For three months now I have been going to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions (thanks to the NHS). So after twelve sessions here's what I have learnt
Love, especially as we get older, can be seen as an unattainable fairytale which we avoid to prevent 'inevitable' hurt.
Valentine's Day is a commercial miracle but can it really have any serious significance?
We spend the majority of our time in our jobs yet many of us don't enjoy what we do. So why stick to it?
Do you ever feel like you go through life so fast, you don't have any time to stop and appreciate it?
The difference between physical and mental distance is enormous
New Year. Its saying goodbye to the old and in with the new. But does it matter?
Being in love never seemed so easy and difficult all at the same time! The oxymoron of love...
I went to see Rihanna at the O2 Arena yesterday. Here's my thoughts...
I have heard about detoxes and even known people to do them but I have never ever tried one until now....
TV is central to most of our lives. But isn't it time we stopped watching it quite so much?
Frankie has left the X Factor. Why do we care so much?
With the Risk and Johnny going, the X Factor final is quickly approaching. But we're they the right two?
The international community played a key role in shaping the Sierra Leone civil war - both potentially in prolonging it and in bringing it to a close. But what right did we have to intervene in the first place?
I find very little funny. But perhaps I'm not the only one. So much comedy just seems to miss the mark...
Tinie's first concert at the O2 arena was sold out in under two weeks. Here's why
A poem about the difficulty of waiting and wanting the wait to be over
A friend recently posed two questions - how unhappy is it possible to be? And how much are we prepared to do about it?
Worrying about worrying session 7 looks at present moment focus more, dedicating worry time each day, problem-solving, challenges and remembering to keep perspective
Sometimes we forget to look at what we have in life; we view our own life stories with disappointed eyes; we see what we have not achieved instead of what we have. And we forget that every day is full of endless new possibilites.
Winter is fast approaching and its time to start settling onto the sofa with a good book. So here's some ideas if you're stuck
Divorce is not fun - nobody will ever claim that it is - but it can be a lot less painful than you originally think
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