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I am a retired Civil Engineer living in India. Writing used to be a hobby; now it is a passion. I do not write for gain or fame, but because it makes me complete. People fascinate me and I have friends - offline and online - all over the world. I try to be tolerant, but I have a high IQ and I do not suffer fools gladly. The first thing I look for in a new friend is a sense of humour: next comes honesty and respect for other points of view. My other loves are romantic movies, easy listening music, reading - and my wife of 34 years.
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Marquetry is the name given to the craft of making intricate designs or pictures by covering a plain surface with two or more layers of wood veneer. The overall effect is quite dazzling.
many savvy marketers and gyms push a wide array of exercises and “fitness” equipment, with tall claims that just a few minutes of use a day will give you washboard abs, or a tight butt, or whatever. Some of them have proved their usefulness, but a lot of them are clever gimmicks.
Anna Hazare is a 72-year old disciple of Mahatma Gandhi who sees himself as a moral crusader, whose purpose is to expose corruption by India’s politicians and bureaucrats and holding them accountable for their misdeeds.
It seems to be the fashion these days, particularly among young girls, to pierce various parts of the body. This fad not only looks weird – it can, in some cases, be life threatening.
The popular image of suburbia, in America and much of the English-speaking world, is that of a sort of Wisteria Lane inhabited by desperate housewives; with neat two-storey houses, manicured lawns and sun decks – and overwhelmingly white. This is changing.
It is the presence of bacteria on your feet that produces the foul smell; and bacteria can be neutralized by ultraviolet light.
Almost every single day, In India, there is a news report about one or more males being arrested for rape. It is ironical that a police force that is normally so reluctant to file a First Information Report (FIR), is always prompt to register a sexual offence – often before any mean...
Transportation Security Administration's new Secure Flight initiative, which requires you to provide your full name as it appears on a government-issued I.D., your date of birth and your gender
Up to now, the conventional wisdom has been to burn away excess fat, either through restricted intake or a vigorous workout. Even heat-based lasers have been tried. Now, however, scientists have discovered that a more effective way to get rid of extra fat is to freeze it.
India is an object lesson to emerging Third World nations that it is not enough for a country to proclaim itself a democracy; it requires vigilance and effort to make it work.
As reported in the New York Times, classified military documents concerning the war in Afghanistan, spanning a period of six years, were made public on Sunday.
One country is on America’s hit list; and the US recently succeeded in persuading the United Nations to impose sanctions on it. The other is America’s close ally, on whom the US showers billions of dollars in aid and military hardware.
Scientists will tell you that love is just a matter of pheromones and neurons firing in the brain in response to subtle signals you may not even be aware you’re receiving. But, of course, it is much more than that.
This was in the summer of 2006. The anticipation was palpable. My wife, Aban and I had traveled to Europe several times before, but never this far North. We were going way above the Arctic Circle.
To put it bluntly, life is a bitch. It leads you on with beguiling innocence, and then clobbers you.
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