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I love to write.
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Recent pages by nona123

Thinking, feeling, self-reflection, self-judgement, self-loathing, all of the above. What it feels like to be stuck in your own life, but not really wanting to escape.
I am hurt with the fight for equal marriage that is happening at the moment, and the fact that there actually needs to be one!
My response to the lifting of the blood donation ban for men who have slept with men.
The annoyance of Religious 'love' and it's falseness.
I was facing a decision, a choice, these are my thoughts and feelings.
I sat on a bus as I saw a blind man trying to cross the road but being confused by the noise of the traffic.
A poem from the heart when I was separated from the woman I love.
My feelings on the lack of equality when it comes to marriage laws.
My poem about the speed at which time is passing by me and how lost it makes me feel.
My poem about taking hold of everything in life and not being afraid.
As I sat watching a candle flame I noticed it's hidden power.
The difficulties and effects of living with a fear of change.
A response to the growing number of hate crime reports.
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