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cia may
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Hello world!! I am a budding writer and am new to the lot.. I enjoy travelling and interacting with interesting people..well who doesnt...but I like studying them..because everyone is so unique in their own ways that at the end of it they teach something or other meaningful and even little of ideas and thoughts can change you ....can better you..and yeah I am an architecture student so I enjoy designing...I am so in love with designing. So lets see what I feel, write and you guys would be sweet and interesting and even if it wont be all that, it would still be something that would help you in some way..I promise. :) <3
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This page is about how i got a killer keloid after nose peircing and how I disobeyed a doctor and put my faith in a jewellery shop owner ...he might not be that educated but he sure has seen a lotta keloids and peircing infections!!
I am blessed with a beautiful, lusturous and healthy but like any other gal I too get many problems ....I would like to share what I do to make my hair beautiful and lively.
these poems will all be written by me during my classes....I am mostly a back-bencher and theory classes can make me sleepy or bring out the best poet in me :)
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